Ben Affleck attended the Valorant Champions tournament in Los Angeles with his son, and he ended up speaking out about the recent nerfs to the Duelist Jett.

Dexerto reported that Affleck and his son met actor Shannon Williams, who voices Jett, at the event. A video shows his son saying that his father could become a Jett main, to which Affleck replied: “Yeah, but then they nerfed Jett, that’s the problem.”

Williams agreed, and shared the encounter onto X with the caption: “Thanks for the reminder. Love that for me.” Check it out below.

The recent reductive changes to the character (also known as nerfs) have not proven popular in the Valorant community. In patch 7.04, Riot Games explained that Jett used to benefit from “more reliable power windows and generous tuning than other Duelists and Agents in general”.

Consequently, her abilities Blade Storm, Cloudburst, Tailwind and Updraft have been made more restrictive to improve the “intentionality of her ability usage”. Skye was targeted too for a “lack of clear weaknesses” while using the character as a core cog in the current meta.

Later on, Affleck shared that he swaps between two characters at the moment, an Infiltrator and a Duelist. “I’m a KAY/O main right now,” he revealed in the interview. “And Raze, too, I think Raze is like, my other main. I’m little promiscuous with who I main, you know what I mean? I move around a little bit.”

Coincidentally, these are two Agents that were not affected by Valorant‘s August patch. Also, fans were excited at the possibility that they might have played with or against the actor in one of their matches, based on his apparent knowledge of the game’s status.

In other gaming news, Elon Musk also attended the finals with his son, however the crowd had a very specific reaction to his presence at the event.

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