Samsung Food is designed to support a user through the entire culinary process, from choosing a recipe to posting photos of the completed dish to social platforms. This system comprises four key sectors: recipe discovery, meal planning, cooking, and sharing.

The recipe discovery framework allows users to find and save recipes from anywhere, on the internet or in a book. These recipes are reformatted into a simple card, which can then be used to assemble a shopping list. Utilizing the built-in Food AI algorithm, Samsung Food can also personalize recipes based on preferences and dietary restrictions. This leads to meal planning, which allows users to schedule what to prepare and when for an entire week, prepping lists and directions in advance.

When it’s time to cook, Samsung Food provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for preparation. If you’re utilizing Samsung smart appliances in your kitchen, Samsung Food can connect directly to them to set timers, preheat ovens, and more. Once the meal is ready, you can quickly and easily share pictures and videos of your dish with other Samsung Food users.

Users can sign up for the Samsung Food program at no cost on its website. As the service grows, Samsung plans to add compatibility with more appliances and integrate Samsung Health to sync user data like BMI and caloric intake.

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