CHART: Carlo Lio’s Summa Smashas
ARTIST(S): Burnski, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Fly Disco Butter, Catz ‘n Dogz, DJ W!LD, Jean Pierre, JUST2, Niteplan, Klaus Blatter, Philipp Lammers, Prince.L

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  1. Carlo Lio – B.O.D.Y.L.O.C.K.

    Released on: Uncage | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:29

  2. JUST2, Niteplan – Wheeldown (Original Mix)

    Released on: HEAROES | Genre: Electro Track Length: 07:18

  3. Burnski – Afters

    Released on: Constant Sound | Genre: Electro Track Length: 05:17

  4. Jean Pierre – Twitch

    Released on: Dreams On Wax | Genre: Electro Track Length: 07:28

  5. Prince.L – Before There Was

    Released on: Tilted Records | Genre: Electro Track Length: 07:40

  6. Klaus Blatter – Bill Gates (Steve Mac’s Jack Dub Mix)

    Released on: KAB Records | Genre: Electro Track Length: 05:57

  7. DJ W!LD – La Cigogne

    Released on: The W Label | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:20

  8. Philipp Lammers – Most Wanted

    Released on: Room44 Records | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:24

  9. Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Fly Disco Butter – Smoking To Cali (Original Mix)

    Released on: D’EAUPE | Genre: Tech House Track Length: 06:49

  10. Catz ‘n Dogz – Shine (Original Mix)

    Released on: Pets Recordings | Genre: Tech House Track Length: 06:32

Total Playtime: 01:06:14 min

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If music is the universal language, then Toronto native Carlo Lio’s Summa Smashas DJ chart takes this concept to a whole new level of sonic expression. Carlo Lio, a multilingual artist in his own right, effortlessly communicates his musical prowess through his meticulously curated Summa Smashas chart. This chart’s universal appeal, encapsulated by Carlo Lio, resonates with a diverse audience, transcending linguistic barriers and speaking directly to the hearts of music enthusiasts.

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