An anonymous reader writes: A Guangdong-based state-backed enterprise in charge of e-government projects in the Southern Chinese province has apologized after admitting that its “home-developed” software was based on open-source code from US tech giant Microsoft. Digital Guangdong, known as DigitalGD, published an apology last week after it was revealed that its CEC-IDE software application, which helps programmers write code, was based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code), with just minor modifications and certain functions added.

VS Code is available under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology licence, a permissive open source licence allowing for reuse even for commercial purposes. DigitalGD said this fact was not disclosed due to “negligence,” and admitted that its description of its software as “self-developed” has met scrutiny and doubt from Chinese programmers. “We are deeply sorry and humiliated for this, and relevant teams have been ordered to make rectifications,” the company said. “Chinese authorities have repeatedly demanded ‘safe and controllable’ hardware and software for key infrastructure, rewarding businesses for indigenous innovations, but this has motivated some companies to make false claims about their products,” notes the South China Morning Post.

A similar incident happened in May when a Shenzhen-based Powerleader announced a “home developed” Powerstar P3-01105 CPU that was later revealed to be Intel’s Core i3-10105 Comet Lake CPU.

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