Marvel Studios‘ The Infinity Saga may have come to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Still, Hasbro has more sculpts from the hit films in the pipeline.

What are the new Marvel Legends figures?

The latest batch of figures features eight characters who were integral throughout the Infinity Saga, including Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Captain America, War Machine, Spider-Man, Thor, and two different versions of Iron Man.

While figures of these characters have undoubtedly been released over the past couple of years, these new ones feature better face sculpting, as well as some more accessories.

Pre-orders for the new line of Marvel Legends figures begins August 31, 2023, at Hasbro Pulse or at other major retailers. Here’s a gallery of the figures — along with some key info on them.

  • Marvel Legends Series Iron Man Mark II: $24.99, includes alternate hands, helmet, and repulsor blast add-ons
  • Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s War Machine: $24.99, includes alternate hands and various weapon accessories.
  • Marvel Legends Series Iron Man Mark 46: $24.99, includes alternate hands, Tony Stark head replacement, and repulsor blasts
  • Marvel Legends Series Spider-Man: $24.99, includes alternate head and hands
  • Marvel Legends Series Captain America: $24.99, includes shield and alternate head
  • Marvel Legends Series Black Widow: $24.99, includes alternate head and hands, wrist blasters, and weapon accessories
  • Marvel Legends Series Thor: $24.99, includes alternate head and hands, and Mjolnir hammer
  • Marvel Legends Series Bruce Banner: $24.99, includes alternate hands

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