Things are starting to get spicy between Big Brother veterans Alyssa Snider and Tyler Crispen on this season of The Challenge: USA.

During last night’s episode of The Challenge: USA, the duo locked lips during a night out with their fellow contestants. The Challenge legends Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann (who Alyssa described as her “drunk uncles”) decided to play matchmaker while out at a bar in The Balkans, ultimately causing the two lovebirds to act on their desires. It’s about time… they have been hitting it off all season long!

“There’s not a lot of entertainment in The Challenge house. The one thing that’s lacking is a little romance… Tyler and Alyssa, this is the longest courting phase I have ever seen,” Bananas spilled to the camera.

Alyssa the proceed to share some thoughts of her own: “You can’t deny the connection that Tyler and I have… He is so cute. I think being in this environment is like a pressure cooker of emotions, so I guess we’ll see what happens.”

Who knew that The Challenge could be so romantic?

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Upon returning to The Challenge house, Alyssa and Tyler chatted about their dating history with one another. Did you know that they both were in showmances while competing on their respective seasons Big Brother?

During Big Brother 20, Tyler developed feelings for fourth place finisher Angela Rummans (who happened to compete on The Challenge: USA just last year). The duo got engaged in 2021, but they unfortunately split just one year later.

“It’s all good, it’s all good. It happens. That’s life,” Tyler dished regarding the breakup.

While Tyler and Angela clearly had a connection during Big Brother 20, who was Alyssa’s in-house lover during Big Brother 24?

Keep scrolling for a refresher as to who Alyssa Snider was in a showmance with during her time in the Big Brother house.

Who was Alyssa Snider in a showmance with during Big Brother 24?

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The Florida native came in fifth place during the 24th season of Big Brother, however, she is not remembered for her impressive, under-the-radar gameplay. Instead, Alyssa is remembered for her relationship with Kyle Capener, one of the season’s most controversial houseguests.

Kyle caused a rift within the Big Brother house by seemingly suggesting that the white contestants should stick together. With a fear that his fellow contestants were creating a racially-based alliance that he was excluded from, Kyle made some ignorant and prejudiced comments that did not sit well with his fellow houseguests, as well as Big Brother fans back home.

Because of this, Kyle was evicted in a unanimous vote, however his relationship with Alyssa did not end there.  

The two lovebirds continued their relationship beyond the Big Brother house (even taking a trip to St. Augustine, Florida together), however, they split back in January. Kyle shared the news in a tear-jerking Instagram story: “As tough as it is, I still have a lot of healing to do in this next phase of life. Healing that needs to be done on my own, so with a heavy heart, Alyssa and I have decided to take some time apart. We want to assure you that this decision was made with a lot of love and consideration for each other’s mental health. We are still on good terms and will continue to support each other in all aspects of our lives and hope that you’ll do the same.”

During last night’s episode of The Challenge: USA, Alyssa gave viewers a glimpse into why her and Kyle ended things from her point of view, ultimately sharing that she has no regrets, and she was thankful to have that connection in the Big Brother house.

“He’s a great person, but he’s not my person,” she revealed.

With Tyler and Angela ending things, as well as Alyssa and Kyle ending things, it looks like there is room for a relationship to blossom between the two Big Brother alums on this season of The Challenge: USA!

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