The Xbox Series X is already a rather nice-looking minimalist monolith, but that’s not going to suit everybody’s tastes. Thankfully, Microsoft has now answered the prayers of those looking to add a little more personality to their consoles with Xbox Series X console wraps. These offer you the chance to bring some flair to your console, and there are no stickers or tools required to do so. This ease of use means that you’ll be able to change up the look of your Xbox effortlessly to suit your every mood.

So far, only Starfield and camo wraps have been announced, but here are 10 more Series X console wraps we want to customize our console with in the future.


Halo's Master Chief has a book
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

Xbox’s biggest franchise will surely be getting its own console wrap sooner rather than later. Of course, Halo has been the subject of several special edition consoles in the past, including a Halo Infinite Series X console.

It’s unlikely that the admittedly rather uninspired design which graced that special edition console will be the basis for a future console wrap. Surely Microsoft will instead lean into the iconic green of Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor. The look wouldn’t be complete without including the number 117 on the wrap as well. Alternatively, a UNSC-themed console wrap could prove to be a nice parallel to the Constellation-themed Starfield wrap.

Gears of War

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Key Art
Image Source: Microsoft Studios

The Gears of War franchise has been laying dormant for the past few years, but it surely won’t be long before the beloved franchise is brought back for another rev of the chainsaw gun. Whether it’s alongside a Master Chief Collection-style bundle of the series so far or an entirely new entry we don’t yet know, what better way to celebrate its return than with a nice, bloody console wrap?

Simply slapping the series’ instantly recognizable skull-in-cog logo on a crimson background would do nicely for those looking to show off their fandom. Alternatively, how about a skin that takes on the look of the lancer guns, with chainsaw teeth running around the edge of the console? Gnarly.

Sea of Thieves

sea of thieves third anniversary
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios via Twinfinite

Of the three Series X skins we’ve seen so far, all of them seem to be intended for use with the console standing upwards. If it’s possible, turning the console on its side and creating a Sea of Thieves-themed treasure chest wrap in the game’s instantly recognizable cartoonish graphics seems like an easy win here.

For an alternate horizontal wrap, how about a pirate ship design, perhaps with some Kraken tentacles reaching out from underneath? Or y’know, you could just slap a skull and crossbones on the fabric and be done with it. Either way, Sea of Thieves players would surely be happy to have the opportunity to represent their fandom for Rare’s long-running pirate sim as it continues to sail the seven seas.


The Living Lands in Avowed
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

Obsidian’s fantasy RPG Avowed is set to be one of Xbox’s major 2024 exclusives. As of yet we don’t know much about the game, but from what we’ve seen in the Gameplay Trailer shown at Xbox Games Showcase 2023, the Living Lands will be as much of a character as you and your companions.

With the Lands being ravaged by a mysterious plague, this could present an opportunity to do dual wraps; one featuring the Lands’ gorgeous neon flora, and one showing it ravaged by the plague. Players could choose their wrap based on the choices they plan on making when they’re tasked with saving (or damning) the world of Eora.


Richard Ayoade as Dave in Fable
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

The Fable revival has been a long time coming and fans will no doubt relish the opportunity to dress up their console in celebration when the game finally lands on Xbox consoles and PC. Given the series’ irreverent sense of humor, a Fable wrap would doubtless be an unconventional design.

I for one would be happy to wrap Richard Ayoade’s entire beautiful face around my Xbox Series X, but assuming other people might not, a wrap with a chicken on it might be popular. That is unless people take to kicking their consoles. If that’s the case, then turning the Series X into one of the franchise’s magical Demon Doors may be a safer bet, assuming they make a return in the new game.


Forza Motorsport Key Art
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

Cars. Expensive cars. You probably can’t afford one, but you might be able to stretch to the next best thing – a slick console wrap. This one has product placement written all over it, but it at least represents an opportunity for some stylish and potentially colorful customization options for the Series X.

The cover art for the latest entry in the series — the imaginatively named Forza Motorsport — has a Cadillac V-Series.R and a Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray ripping around the track so you’ll no doubt find their designs mapped out on a console wrap when the game launches. Hopefully, they’ll keep the branding to a minimum as was the case with the Ford GT-inspired Forza 6 limited edition Xbox One console.


Pip Boy in Fallout 4 VR
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks

With Starfield being the first game to receive its very own console wrap, it’s a pretty safe bet that Microsoft will mine the rest of the Bethesda back catalog before too long. A Pip-Boy-themed wrap seems almost too perfect for fans of the Fallout franchise, mostly keeping the black look the console is known for but spicing things up with some shocks of green.

Assuming the Elder Scrolls franchise gets a look in too, can we please just get a wrap-around of Ralof aka, Skyrim’s “You’re finally awake” guy? With any luck, it would conjure enough meme magic to bring Elder Scrolls VI’s long-awaited release a little bit closer.

Xbox 360

xbox 360 console, matte white
Image Source: Microsoft

Of all of Xbox’s consoles, it’s without a doubt the 360 that’s the most fondly remembered, and replicating the console’s original design would be a huge blast of nostalgia. While the console featured a fairly simple design, there are a lot of memorable little touches with the colors and graphics on both the console itself and the controller. The question is, would Microsoft be bold enough to put the notorious red ring of death on there?

The console celebrates its 20th (yes, 20th!) anniversary in 2025, so that would be the perfect opportunity to gift this to the community of long-standing Xbox die-hards. And while they’re at it, they could also bring back the sorely missed blades dashboard.


Minecraft Key Art
Image Source: Mojang Studios

As the console is already one big block, sticking a whole bunch of Minecraft characters on the Series X is a complete no-brainer. Given Microsoft has a history of customizable hardware in their Xbox Design Lab service, a similar service allowing players to create wraps of their custom Minecraft characters would no doubt be very popular.

Much of Minecraft’s popularity has been built on the creativity of its players and this would be a fun way to let them express that in the real world. Assuming that might be a bit too ambitious though, a Creeper skin would no doubt be well received, especially as it’s already in the Xbox brand’s signature black and green colors.

Windows Classic

Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper
Image Source: Microsoft

Nineties and early noughties nostalgia is big right now. The popularity of cassette tape iPhone skins proves that the retro aesthetic will always be cool, and while giving your Series X a look inspired by an older Xbox console would certainly be neat, Microsoft’s rich legacy of iconic Windows themes would prove even harder to resist.

Who wouldn’t want the Windows 98 desktop proudly displayed on that tall cuboid sitting on their television cabinet? What better conversation starter could there be than having the rolling hills of the Windows XP default wallpaper wrapped around your top-of-the-line games console? Forget Starfield and Halo — real ones know that Microsoft Solitaire is the company’s real jewel in the crown, so give it a console wrap already, you cowards!

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