• A fan-made video imagines Robert Pattinson’s Batman appearing in The Flash movie, instead of George Clooney’s cameo, highlighting the unresolved timeline.
  • The Flash movie’s financial failure raises doubts about the possibility of a sequel and leaves the future of the DCEU uncertain.
  • The DC Universe, led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, will need to find a new approach to incorporate The Flash and connect with audiences.

A new fan video imagines what it would look like if Robert Pattinson’s Batman had shown up at the end of The Flash movie instead of George Clooney. Despite early positive buzz and Warner Bros. executives calling it the “best superhero movie” of all time, The Flash ended up becoming one of 2023’s biggest financial bombs. The multiverse adventure with Michael Keaton’s Batman was not enough for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie to become a box office success.

While Keaton’s Batman was the Caped Crusader that Barry Allen worked with the most in The Flash, the film ended with Clooney showing up in a surprise cameo, making it the first time he played Bruce Wayne again after Batman & Robin in 1997. Despite Barry restoring the past, the present DCEU timeline was clearly not fully fixed due to Clooney’s presence at the end of The Flash movie.

However, things could have looked a lot different if a different Dark Knight popped up in The Flash’s cliffhanger. Made by @FixGoods, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen reacts to Pattinson’s Bruce stepping out of the car instead of Clooney, still having the same hilarious reaction as he realizes that the timeline wasn’t fully restored.

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Why The Flash Movie’s Cliffhanger Will Never Get Resolved

Barry Allen running in the Speed Force in The Flash

As funny as Clooney’s cameo was in The Flash, it ultimately led to confusion about The Flash’s future on the big screen. As a new DC Universe is on the horizon, the DCEU never got a proper conclusion, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will most likely not do anything to finish that franchise. For The Flash to end with Barry stuck with a different Batman; there will never be a proper resolution.

With The Flash’s struggling box office results, The Flash 2 seems unlikely in the new DC Universe. The only way The Flash’s cliffhanger could get resolved is if the story continued in comic format as a tie-in, similar to the comic series they did before the movie came out. But even that seems highly unlikely, as DC Comics is probably not going to see any financial benefit in doing that due to The Flash’s results.

It will be interesting to see what the DC Universe does with The Flash under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s leadership, as the fastest man alive is bound to be part of DC Studios down the line. Whether it’s a new actor playing Barry or the DC Universe focusing on Wally West, time will tell if the speedster will even show up in Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters.” Hopefully, following The Flash, DC Studios will find a new approach to work the DC hero into the franchise in ways that connect more with audience members.

Source: @FixGoods/TikTok

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