Yennefer of Vengerberg is, of course, one of the central protagonists of “The Witcher,” and many fans would argue that her development is the single most interesting element of the show, give or take criticisms about how it’s handled in comparison to the novels. Her arc from lonely hunchback girl to enormously talented (yet technically iffy) magic student to dependable court advisor to ultra-powerful self-governing sorceress is satisfying both for its range and for its increasing moral complexity.

It also tends to complicate the question of where she places on a general ranking of magic users on “The Witcher.” If we think about the entire breadth of Yennefer’s arc and how long it takes her to reach her full potential as a mage — which arguably doesn’t happen until the Battle of Sodden Hill in the Season 1 finale — then she might not, on average, place that highly. 

Once Yennefer does “unleash her chaos,” though, with her startling display during the aforementioned battle as the key turning point, there remain few mages in the Continent who can stand up to her might. That, indeed, is what gives such high stakes to her eventual journey of errant self-discovery. On the whole, it makes the most sense to put her more or less in the middle of the ranking — still very much a mighty placement — in recognition of where she ends up.

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