The community of happy creators who love Bethesda’s recent games for the settlement-building is off to the races in Starfield, thrilled to create a vast variety of ships of their own design—and their favorites of others’ designs. Let’s get in there and see some of the best I’ve seen, shall we? We’ll see stuff from Firefly, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Aliens, Prometheus, and the ever-beloved Expanse.

“She’s torn up plenty, but she’ll fly true.” from r/Starfield

My attempt at making Serenity from Firefly from r/Starfield

There are also, of course, plenty of people building perhaps one of the most iconic single spaceships in sci-fi history: The Millenium Falcon. They’re seeing various levels of success, but the Falcon’s a good target because it’s actually about the size of ships in Starfield. Livable and comfortable, but neither a single-seat fighter nor a huge warship of some kind.

Update to the Millennium Falcon build from r/Starfield

Fully functional Millenium Falcon from r/Starfield

You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs from r/Starfield

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