• Lex Luthor reveals that Superman’s nickname as the “Last Son of Krypton” is a lie, as there are other Kryptonians alive, such as Supergirl and Jon Kent.
  • Superman is forced to help Lex Luthor, who is dying, by taking him to the Fortress of Solitude for help from unexpected allies.
  • It may be time for Superman to retire his “Last Son of Krypton” nickname and focus on other more accurate and meaningful monikers, such as the “Man of Steel.”

There are a lot of nicknames for Superman, but one has been a lie since the first day it was used. Lex Luthor calls out his greatest enemy when he discovers a piece of the Man of Steel’s past.

In Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1 by Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch, Lex Luthor catches his greatest enemy’s attention when he uses a gigantic machine to nearly destroy the island of Megwhip. Fortunately, the island is saved by Superman, who confronts his nemesis directly. However, Clark gets the surprise of his life when he discovers that Lex is dying of rapid cellular decay.

Lex Luthor is Dying DC

Lex Luthor goads Superman into helping him in front of the entire world, leaving the hero with no other choice but to save his lifelong enemy. Superman takes Lex to the Fortress of Solitude to get help from unexpected allies. Superman reveals the bottled city of Kandor to Lex and miniaturizes them to see if Kryptonian science can save Lex’s life. Lex admits he’s confused at the idea of Kandor being a Kryptonian city, as he believed Superman was the last Kryptonian, largely due to his nickname as the ‘Last Son of Krypton’.

Superman Has Never Been ‘The Last Son of Krypton’

Lex Luthor Calls Out Superman Nickname DC

Ever since he donned the red cape and underwear, Superman has taken on several sobriquets. In response to his amazing durability and strength, he’s been called the Man of Steel. The hero’s optimistic outlook and tendency to do good have earned him the nickname of the Big Blue Boy Scout. And as the last person to escape the clutches of a dying world, Superman has often been referred to as the Last Son of Krypton, a painful reminder of the home he lost in infancy.

But Superman’s greatest enemy has a point: That last nickname has always been erroneous, and not just because of the existence of Kandor, either. After all, who can forget Superman’s cousin, Supergirl, a fellow survivor of Krypton’s death? Or the various prisoners the Kryptonian High Council condemned to the Phantom Zone? Even Superman has ensured the legacy of Krypton by siring Jon Kent. Superman is far from the only Kryptonian running around the DC Universe, meaning that his ‘Last Son of Krypton’ nickname isn’t just inaccurate, it’s a downright lie.

Superman Should Ditch His ‘Last Son’ Nickname For Good

Superman Last Days Lex Luthor Cover DC

While Superman’s ‘Last Son’ nickname was true at one point, it hasn’t been since the hero’s mythos was expanded to introduce other Kryptonians. It’s a nice sentiment and to be fair, Superman was indeed the last child to come from the planet Krypton. But there are a lot of other people who share Clark’s heritage, rendering his iconic nickname more or less pointless. Perhaps it’s time to retire the Last Son of Krypton sobriquet to focus more on nicknames that will never be untrue, such as the classic Man of Steel. Fans can see Lex Luthor call out his enemy’s classic moniker in Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1, on sale now.

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