Making a mistake while typing numbers into your iPhone calculator is pretty common. And because the app doesn’t have a dedicated backspace button, you’ll probably end up deleting everything and starting over. The good news is that there is a way to delete individual digits instead of the entire number. Here’s how to use the feature:

  1. Open the calculator app on your iPhone.
  2. Type a number.
  3. Swipe left or right over the number you just typed.
  4. Each swipe will delete one digit.

If the feature isn’t working for you, make sure you’re swiping on the numbers displayed at the top of the screen and not the numbers on the calculator. If you’re making a multi-step calculation and make a mistake with one number, tap the C (Clear) key to delete only your current entry. The AC (All Clear) button will delete all the previous steps in the calculation, so only tap that if you want to start from scratch.

For some reason, Apple has been very inconsistent with its calculator app. For example, the Apple Watch calculator has a delete button in the number display and even includes the option to calculate tips. On the other hand, the iPad still doesn’t have a calculator app, and it doesn’t look like Apple is planning to introduce one anytime soon.

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