Emergency Response: Liberty County, a simulation game that allows players to take on a variety of roles such as civilian, criminal, transportation worker, police officer, sheriff deputy, or firefighter, has rolled out its Labor Day Update. The update includes a host of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience.

One of the significant additions in this update is the introduction of Custom Liveries for the Department of Transportation (DOT) vehicles. This feature allows players to express their creativity by customizing the appearance of all DOT vehicles. Additionally, the update revamps the callsigns system. Players now have the option to include letters and a hyphen in their callsigns, which can be up to six characters long. Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) have also been given vehicle customization slots. These slots allow players to save their vehicle customizations and load them later. Importantly, owners of private servers with the Pro server pack can save slots for their entire server. In terms of user interface, the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) has received a new design, available to LEO, Fire Department (FD), and DOT teams.

Bounties have also been introduced in this update. Players can find the Bounty Man in River City and interact with him to place bounties on other players. A new restaurant, La Mesa, has opened its doors in River City, providing another location for players to explore. A basketball court near the News Station in River City is another venue where players can engage in activities.

On the bug fixes and improvements front, Fire Department doors have been made more realistic. Paychecks now scale with job points, offering a more balanced reward system. Vehicle collision logic has seen improvements, preventing cars from coming to an abrupt stop. The mobile driving UI now features a hazards button. The police helicopter has been enhanced to provide updates on suspect locations through the police radio. High Rock Park has received new gates, and additional foliage has been scattered around the map. With these updates, Emergency Response: Liberty County continues its efforts to refine and expand its gameplay options.

Here’s the full list of changes from the developers:

DOT Custom Liveries
Express your creativity like never before!
Liveries are now supported on all DOT Vehicles!

Updated Callsigns
Callsigns may now include letters, a hyphen, and can be up to six characters long!

LEO Vehicle Customization Slots
Players can now save their vehicle customization into a save slot and load it later.
Private server owners, with the Pro server pack can save slots for the entire server.

For the first time since release, the MDT has released a brand new coat of paint.
Available on LEO, FD, and DOT teams!

Find the Bounty Man hiding around River City.
Talk to him to place bounties on other players!

La Mesa! Restaurant
A brand new eatery has opened in River City – come drop on by!

Basketball Court
Get your game on at the brand new River City Basketball Court – located near the News Station.
Best of Luck!

Bug Fixes & Improvements!

  • More realistic FD Doors.
  • Paychecks now scale with job points.
  • Improved vehicle collision logic – cars will no longer come to an abrupt halt.
  • Added hazards button to mobile driving UI.
  • Police Helicopter now provides updates on suspect locations on police radio.
  • Added gates to High Rock Park.
  • Added foliage around the map.

Source: Roblox Dev Forum

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