Although Starfield was only officially announced back in 2018, the subreddit was already in motion as leaks and rumors surrounded Bethesda’s then-mysterious game. Since then, the community has continued to grow, with many seeing a tremendous jump in numbers due to the highly-anticipated Early Access launch.

So, now that the game is finally set in motion, Starfield’s director, Todd Howard, made his way over to the popular subreddit to thank the fans for their support that has inspired the team over the years. He also believes that Bethesda has “gaming’s smartest fans,” given their dedication and willingness to bring out new ideas on the forum.

Fans were quick to comment on Howard’s appreciation posts, expressing their admiration for his work and the game in general. And, of course, a ton of fans are gearing up for Starfield’s launch, as many are counting down the hours and the loss of sleep they’ll likely have after its release.

Reddit user NokstellianDemon made an intriguing discovery on the subreddit itself, indicating that the forum started on the same day as the Early Access debut. It was almost as if the creator had known the game was meant to be released seven years later, and now it has come to full fruition in 2023.

As a result of Todd Howard’s post and the game’s debut, many fans are reminiscing about Starfield’s extensive journey. This1DoesntMatter chimed in on this redolent train by looking at one of the first leaks of the installment in 2015, where it was simply known as “Action RPG” in space.

Like the user says, the game and the community have come a long way, and the subreddit will certainly take off even more as players tune in for Early Access and its official release. We look forward to seeing what space shenanigans the fans get into as the launch draws near, continuing Bethesda’s reign in the gaming industry.

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