Cruising by other cars lined up at the gas pump in a fully electric vehicle can feel nice during your daily commute, depending on how long your drive is. However, electric cars typically have a lower range than their gas-powered counterparts, usually anywhere from 100 to 250 miles from a fully charged battery to empty. Some can go a bit further, like the Tesla Model S, which has an exceptional range of just over 400 miles before needing a charge.

For many drivers, this range suits their daily life perfectly fine. However, not everyone is a low-range driver, and if you need to recharge your EV, you may be waiting quite a bit longer than those at the pump. The standard 60 kWh battery in an electric vehicle takes about eight hours to go from empty to full charge. Even with a rapid charger, the range will only increase from zero to 100 miles in around 35 minutes, creating some lengthy wait times in comparison to a quick refuel.

Many electric car owners purchase them because they have a lifestyle that blends well with the car’s functionality. However, some may be in for a rude awakening when they realize that while EV chargers are added more frequently in more locations, they’re still far less convenient than a quick stop at the pump for a few hundred more miles.

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