Having a good nail gun around is handy, and that’s exactly what the Brushless Cordless AirStrike Framing Nailer can give. Like many Ryobi products around this size, it uses an 18V battery. This means you can opt for the tool-only option for $299, or you could bump it up to $389 for an included battery and charger. A pro of this model in particular is the fact it doesn’t need a hose or compressor to get started. You can simply open it up, connect the battery, and get started. Anybody trying to ditch the old hammer and nail will not be disappointed here.

Something you will need to be aware of is the nail angle. This model comes in both 21-degree and 30-degree options, and you’ll need to purchase the right type of nail for it depending on what version you have. It comes with a 3-year warranty, so you do have a decent leash in the event of issues arising.

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