One of the biggest draws of Starfield, both ahead of its release and now it’s out in the wild for everyone to enjoy, was the sheer freedom players are granted. Apparently, that freedom even extends to the toilet roll.

Whether it’s heading to a planet that’s generated just for you or smuggling Contraband where it shouldn’t be, the galaxy is tailored to every individual and their preferences, playstyle and penchant for exploration.

For some reason that’s not yet been made clear by the developers, or anyone for that matter, the freedom and choice of Starfield also includes toilet roll and which way it faces.

The discovery – yes, discovery – was made by one Redditor, player Bliss_Hughes. They revealed that, after creating your Spacefarer, players can tinker with the direction of toilet paper.

They said: “After the character creator, while you’re looting the first rooms you’re in, you can go to the bathroom and find a uniquely activated toilet paper roll.”

It’s a bit of an age old debate – whether the loose toilet paper on the roll should face out or face in, against the wall. Well, Starfield lets you determine the answer.

As you can imagine, Redditors were generally very impressed with the customization on offer, joking that it secures Starfield as a bonafide 10/10 title.

One player commented: “Imagine the argument that had to happen at BGS for someone to take the time to program that in.”

Another said: “Wow what an amazing game. No studio ever can create this feature wow. I am going to buy this game and flip toilet paper for 200 hours.”

While firmly tongue in cheek, imagine what else is customizable if the toilet roll is. We’ll be discovering alongside you all, so stay with us here and check out the related content below.

Starfield is currently available in ‘early access’ on PC and Xbox Series X|S through its Premium and Constellation Editions. The standard edition of the game will officially release on Sept. 6.

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