Warning: this article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 4.

We’re officially halfway through Ahsoka following the events of “Fallen Jedi,” and that episode title proved to be a bit more ominous than we may have thought. With Sabine having made a selfish deal with Baylan Skoll and the villains now well on their way to springing Thrawn as a result, things could have only been made worse if Ahsoka may or may not have met her demise, and, sure enough…

Of course, we feel safe in chalking up this state of affairs as a red herring, since killing off Ahsoka halfway through the show called Ahsoka would be a rather bold creative decision that, let’s face it, might not have the surrounding legs to make it work.

None of that matters, though; what matters is that Star Wars fans got their sweet endorphin release in the form of Hayden Christensen‘s long-awaited cameo as Anakin Skywalker, and the emotional outpouring has been nothing short of magnificent.

We’ve known for a hot minute that the Star Wars legacy figure would be rolling up in Ahsoka at some point, but in no way did that hamper the many raw responses elicited by his appearance.

If Dave Filoni wasn’t already the designated MVP of the new-age Star Wars mythos, he almost certainly is now.

Fans would probably be wise to savor this moment while they can; while the fifth episode is looking like it will kick off with another cathartic release in the form of a proper conversation between former student and former master, Ahsoka probably isn’t long for the Jedi spirit world, as she still has some Thrawn, Sabine, and fate-of-the-galaxy-related business to take care of in the land of the living.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney Plus. New episodes will release every Tuesday until the series finale on Oct. 3.

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