This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 4.


  • Ahsoka episode 4 is filled with Star Wars Easter eggs and references, featuring duels and a fateful final confrontation with Baylan.
  • The episode also includes stunning character moments and a twist that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • Viewers will have to wait for episode 5, directed by Dave Filoni, but for now, here are all the important Star Wars Easter eggs and references in Ahsoka episode 4.

Ahsoka episode 4 is absolutely packed with Star Wars Easter eggs and references. Viewers had been promised some major twists and turns in Ahsoka episode 4, and it really didn’t disappoint. The episode features multiple duels – Ahsoka takes on Marrok, Sabine has a rematch with Shin, and it all ends in a fateful final confrontation with Baylan at the henge. The stakes couldn’t be higher, because Ahsoka knows Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return will mean an Imperial resurgence.

This isn’t just an action-packed episode, though; there are also some stunning character moments, and the final scenes feature a twist that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, it will be a week before episode 5 releases – which will be directed by Dave Filoni himself. For now, though, here are all the important Star Wars Easter eggs and references in Ahsoka episode 4.

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11 The New Republic’s Iconic X-Wings

Ahsoka episode 4 sees Hera Syndulla go rogue, disobeying orders and jetting off in the Ghost. She’s not alone, either; she’s accompanied by a flight of X-wings, led by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Carson Teva. He was last seen in The Mandalorian season 3, when he tried to warn the Empire about the threat of a resurgent Empire. As cool as this particular Star Wars Easter egg may be, it doesn’t quite make sense; Ahsoka is supposed to be concurrent with The Mandalorian season 3, so he should really have mentioned the giant hyperspace ring he saw jetting off at some point. Best to just enjoy the cameo and not overthink it.

10 Hera Is Phoenix Leader

Hera Syndulla flying the Phantom in Ahsoka.

Phoenix Squadron flew alongside the crew of the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels. As they depart Home One, Carson Teva reveals Phoenix Leader is Hera Syndulla’s callsign at this point in the Star Wars timeline. It’s nice to see the heritage and history acknowledged – and it also seems quite symbolic. In the real world, the phoenix is a symbol of death and rebirth, one of the major themes of Ahsoka.

9 The Void Between The Galaxies

Morgan Elsbeth viewing a Star map in Ahsoka trailer

It seems a single error in Morgan’s calculations could lead to the Eye of Sion becoming stranded in the void. The idea of a void between the galaxies was established in Legends, and navigating in the void is indeed extremely hazardous. Morgan’s pathway to Peridea is a high-risk endeavor.

8 Marrok’s True Nature Revealed

Ahsoka Inquisitor Marrok

There’s been intense speculation about Marrok’s true identity – and his nature is finally revealed when Ahsoka kills him. His death is accompanied by a blast of green ichor, strongly suggesting he’s a Nightbrother from Dathomir whose body has been reanimated – probably by Morgan Elsbeth, a Nightsister of Dathomir. No doubt many viewers will be disappointed that their theories have proven incorrect, but this does fit logically with the story.

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7 Baylan Uses Force Empathy To Manipulate Sabine

Sabine debating whether to give the map Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka episode 4

Baylan is clearly using the Force to manipulate Sabine. This is no Jedi mind trick; Sabine is too strong-willed to fall for that. Instead, he’s using the power of empathy to sense he emotions and choose his words with care. It’s fascinating to see such a subtle use of the Force, one that plays upon Sabine’s grief, loss, and trauma.

6 Sabine’s Family Died During The Fall Of Mandalore

Ruins of Mandalore in Mandalorian Season 3

Ahsoka episode 4 reveals Sabine’s family died during the Purge of Mandalore. Star Wars is carefully avoiding telling this story, which is only becoming more intriguing as further hints are dropped. Baylan hints Sabine was already training under Ahsoka at the time of the Fall of Mandalore, Curiously, his words suggest he senses some resentment within Sabine – that she warned Ahsoka, but that her master chose not to intervene.

5 Shin Uses Force Choke On Sabine

Shin defaults to a very familiar Force power when she turns her rage on Sabine. She uses Darth Vader’s signature Force choke on Sabine, clearly planning to kill her. It’s a mark of Baylan’s darkness that he tells Shin not to simply because he’s given his word, not because he’s concerned about the dark side.

4 The Hyperspace Jump Is A Nod To Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Eye of Sion jumps to hyperspace, accelerating with phenomenal speed. The wave of energy that rocks the Ghost and the X-wings is reminiscent of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but Hera and two of the pilots survive because there’s a massive gap in the ring. It’s a hint that hyperspace could be weaponized – an idea ultimately proved with the Holdo Maneuver.

3 Ahsoka Is In The World Between Worlds

Ahsoka Tano in the World Between Worlds at the end of Ahsoka episode 4

Ahsoka awakens in the World Between Worlds, a mysterious realm introduced in Star Wars Rebels that transcends time and space. This initially seemed to be Star Wars‘ version of time travel, but recent books have hinted there’s a lot more to it than that; it’s been described as a “netherworld of the Force.” This usually refers to the various afterlifes in the Force, which makes it most curious. if this is indeed a netherworld of the Force, then it’s a hint Ahsoka has indeed been killed.

2 Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost Returns In Ahsoka

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka

Supporting the theory the World Between Worlds is a netherworld of the Force, Ahsoka is greeted by what seems to be the Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker – with a de-aged Hayden Christensen playing Anakin once again. Curiously, this vision of Anakin is dressed not in the master’s robes he wore when he appeared at the end of Return of the Jedi, but in the clothing Ahsoka would remember him wearing. Anakin addresses her as “Snips,” a familiar nickname he gave Ahsoka when he mentored her during the Clone Wars.

1 Ahsoka Episode 4 Ends With The Darth Vader Theme

Darth Vader in Sith Red

Ahsoka is understandably astounded to see her former master, not least because she’d just refused to take the opportunity to talk about him. But Ahsoka episode 4 comes to a dramatic conclusion when the screen fades out, and viewers hear the sound of the Darth Vader theme. While this may be added simply for effect, it’s rather odd; this is after Anakin Skywalker’s redemption, meaning he shouldn’t be associated with that theme at all. It’s possible this final Ahsoka Easter egg is a subtle hint that all is not well in this mysterious vision.

Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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