Another new feature is pairing the GoPro Hero 12 Black with Bluetooth audio devices, including Apple AirPods. Not only can the wireless microphones be used to record audio to accompany the GoPro’s video, but they can also be used to issue voice commands to the camera.

In addition to wireless headsets, the GoPro Hero 12 Black can also work with other GoPro Hero 12 Black cameras. By using wireless timecode sync, the camera can sync with an unlimited number of others to record your action from as many angles as you’d like, which you can then easily edit together. Footage can be transferred to editing software in smaller file sizes with no image loss thanks to optimized encoding. Editing and color grading footage from the GoPro Hero 12 Black will also be made easier thanks to its GP-Log with available Look Up Tables feature.

To utilize the full features of the GoPro Hero 12 Black, customers will have to pay for a GoPro subscription. With it comes a new desktop app that will seamlessly sync with its mobile app counterpart to make cross-platform editing and content management less of an ordeal. Subscribers will also be able to auto-upload an unlimited amount of footage to their GoPro cloud account — with no image loss — while the camera charges, as well as receive automatic highlight videos once the upload is complete. Additionally, subscribers can have damaged cameras replaced with “no questions asked.”

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