Kanro will be at TGS 2023 to sell Braon gummies. These gummies are supposed to be “brain food” to help with esports. This year, Kanro is teaming up with Shinobism Gaming. Pro players from the company will be at the Kanro booth selling Braon gummies that have their signatures on them. [Thanks, PR Times!]

Shinobism Gaming and Kanro started development on Braon gummies in 2021. The main selling point of the gummies is the fact that it’s a candy, which makes them easy to carry around and fast to eat. Kanro has always sold sugary items toward athletes, as well as esports players. But, according to Kanro, this is the first time that a company has sold gummies that were developed in cooperation with an esports team. It’s also the first time that a company has marketed gummies as “brain food” to help people perform better in a competition that requires their brains.

You’ll be able to purchase the Braon gummies at TGS 2023, as well as online. The special edition box (which is a special Street Fighter one) is only available at a reduced price at TGS 2023. The box set costs 2000 JPY and a pack of two costs 500 JPY. The Street Fighter special edition box is also 2000 JPY but only if you’re buying it from TGS 2023.

The esports Braon gummies from Kanro will be at TGS 2023, as well as available online. TGS 2023 will take place from September 21 to September 24, 2023.

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