Flight Passenger Disgusted After Man Puts His ''Smelly'' Feet On Her Armrest

She said that passengers should educate themselves on “proper flight etiquette”

When traveling on a plane, passengers should follow some basic etiquette and do their best to not disturb or trouble anyone seated around them. Recently, a plane passenger was left disgusted after a man decided to rest his ”dirty and smelly” bare feet on her armrest, the New York Post reported.

The incident happened when Pornpreeya Keng, 27 was aboard a budget airline flying from Bangkok, Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As she settled in to enjoy the view, an offensive stench left her irritated. When she tried to locate the smell, she noticed that the passenger in the window seat behind her had put his bare foot up on her armrest.

”I tried to shift in my seat to make him aware of my discomfort, but he didn’t notice me. I felt uncomfortable, but I did not want to confront him directly, so I took a video of his poor manners,” she said.

In the video, Ms Keng can be seen showing the man’s bare feet resting on her armrest.

Ms Keng noted that the passenger continued to move around to find a more comfortable sleeping position, causing the smell to intensify and make her dizzy.

Not able to take it any longer, she informed the flight attendant, who told the man to put his feet down on her behalf.

She then used a menthol nasal inhaler to try to erase the smell of her feet and feel better.

She added that passengers should educate themselves on “proper flight etiquette” and inform the flight attendant if they need help with a situation similar to this.

A Florida-based etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore told Fox News, that the actions by the barefoot passenger were “extremely impolite.” 

“People forget to pack their manners when they travel,” she added.

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