Daft Punk‘s collaborator Todd Edwards has shared that he believed the duo “weren’t on the same page anymore.”

As the latest guest on Memory Tapes, the official Daft Punk mini-documentary, created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their fourth and final album, ‘Random Access Memories’, Edwards said: “When they broke up, they were already going in different directions, musically.”

He continued: “Guy-Man[uel de Homem-Christo] seems to be drawn more to the hip-hop realm and Thomas [Bangalter] was also a director. It kind of felt like they weren’t on the same page anymore, anyway, so I wasn’t shocked.”

Edwards first worked with Daft Punk back in 2001 on their track ‘Face to Face’ from the duo’s second LP ‘Discovery’ in which he provided vocals and co-production. He would then provided the same roles on the duo’s fourth and final album ‘Random Access Memories’ on the track ‘Fragments Of Time’.

Speaking on the end of Daft Punk, Edwards suggested that instead of mourning them no longer being an electronic duo, other musicians should take inspiration from them.

“I think the fact that it was so devastating to people shows that there needs to be more Daft Punks out there,” he said. “If anything it should inspire people to be more creative and take chances and stop doing the same thing and playing it safe all the time.”

In other news, Bangalter revealed that he was “relieved” over the way that Daft Punk ended.

In a discussion with BBC Radio 6 Music, Bangalter explained that it “felt good” to draw the project to a close and was sometimes left surprised by how long Daft Punk continued to make music, following their 1997 debut album, ‘Homework’.

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