Starfield has a lot of enemies and environments that players will need to be content with, and having a good spacesuit to protect you is an essential part of surviving the perils of the galaxy. Of course, you can buy spacesuits or loot them from enemies and chests, but what if we told you there was a way to get a powerful spacesuit right at the start of the game?

If that has piqued your interest, here is a guide explaining how to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield

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The Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield can be found in the Lodge, the headquarters of Constellation in New Atlantis, and it can be found very early in the game.

When you get to the Lodge and have been given the Lodge Key, head to the door on the right. When you enter the Lodge, follow the corridor, open the next door, then continue down until you come to a work room with several workbenches you can use. To your left, you will see another corridor; head down there, and when you reach the end, there will be several doors.

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Take the door to the right and continue down to the room at the end of the corridor; you should see a painting on the wall as you enter. Now, turn to the left, and you will see a glass cabinet with a mannequin inside, wearing the Mark 1 Spacesuit.

How to Get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield

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When you approach the cabinet, it will say it is locked with a master lock, which you won’t be able to open for a while. However, there is a little trick to getting the suit out without opening the cabinet.

To do this, you need to find the right angle on the right side of the cabinet door, which is the side with the handle. Gently move your cursor across the line where the cabinet door meets the case, and as you do so, you should eventually get a pop-up that says “Mannequin” with the “Open” command. Interact with this, and it will allow you to loot the mannequin and grab the Mark 1 Spacesuit and a Pack and Helmet. The best part is this isn’t stealing, and there are no negatives to doing this. It’s a free set of good gear that will be very helpful in the early game. What a score.

While Mark 1 Spacesuit doesn’t have any perks like rare or legendary ones, it has beefy stats that provide plenty of defensive capabilities. You can also improve it using the Spacesuit Workbench, so it’s well worth getting when you can, especially in case Bethesda might patch this later.

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