The easiest method you can employ to find out if your Instagram issue is server-wide is by literally Googling it. When you look up the phrase, “Is Instagram down?” some of the top search results will include websites like DownDetectorIsItDownRightNow, or DownForEveryoneOrJustMe. Just click on any of these links and go to the page detailing Instagram’s server status and see if any issues have been detected recently for the media-sharing platform.

Since some of these status-checking platforms heavily depend on users directly reporting the issues they’re experiencing with a particular site or app, note that a consensus may not be reached by these independent websites on whether there is actually a site-wide issue happening with Instagram.

When using these services, make sure you comb through all the available reports on local outages, including ping results that show the Instagram website’s response time, if available. In addition, read through any recent user comments. If anyone has complained about an issue similar to yours, chances are high that you may not be encountering a just-you problem.

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