New Atlantis needs a new kind of crime fighting force, one that specializes in telling people “Halt!” a lot while complaining about how hard it is to see out of their helmets. Soldiers who shoot first, and aren’t able to ask questions later because they miss all their shots and their Sith overlords force choke them out for failure. That’s right, modder kboykboy on the Starfield Nexus has turned the United Colonies’ security force into Star Wars Stormtroopers.

Within a week of Starfield’s launch we’ve already gotten bedrock, useful mods like Script Extender and a UI overhaul, but let’s be real: we’re all here for the shitposts. Kboykboy’s Stormtroopers stand tall with all those weird flashlights people are churning out as an early example of the deluge of goofs we can expect from the Starfield Nexus.

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