Late Friday a Burning Man press release claimed that “zero stuck or abandoned vehicles remain on site or on the exit road, as people have returned with friends and tow trucks to retrieve them.”

But the Reno Gazette-Journal reports that as of 5 p.m. Friday, “at least a half-dozen vehicles were still scattered across miles of the Black Rock National Conservation Area, public land Burning Man leases from the Bureau of Land Management. Their drivers appeared to have made a run for the exit and got stuck in mud out on the playa. One burned-out RV that caught fire in the exit queue was still on site.”

The press release from the Burning Man project claimed their entire community of attendees, sometimes called “Black Rock City,” had now “disappeared, leaving no trace.” But the Reno Gazette-Journal says…

Entire abandoned camps were still in what had been Black Rock City, the temporary encampment that draws more than 70,000 burners each year. Tents, garbage bags, rugs, boxes, boots stuck in mud, a barbecue grill, cans of oil and even a wig were seen on Friday. Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen estimated there were still up to 10,000 people on site Thursday but a steady stream of RVS and cars continued to leave the playa… Burning Man did not return request for comment… “I am concerned about this year and the amount of stuff being left out,” Allen told the Reno Gazette-Journal on Friday. “Dispatch has told me that in the last two days a lot of (car and truck) rental agencies and motor home businesses are looking for their vehicles still out there…

On Friday, the site was busy with campers who were cleaning up sites. Some abandoned camps sites had signs that said they would return. One sign said, “We will come back Thur. Fri. Sat. to clean up. Too many sick people.”
The newspaper points out that event volunteers traditionally spend three weeks after the event doing a major clean-up effort. “The restoration crews they have doing that do an outstanding job,” a public affairs specialist for the Bureau of Land Management told the newspaper.

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