As announced at Destination D23 and later confirmed via a press release and social media, “Haunted Mansion” will be streaming on Disney+ from October 4. Disney+ Basic costs $1.99 for your first three months of subscription (at least through September 20), then goes up to $7.99.

If you don’t have Disney+ (or are scared that “Haunted Mansion” will be pulled without warning by the end of the year for a tax write-down), have no fear. “Haunted Mansion” will also be available to buy or rent from “all major digital retailers” — including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu. Digital purchases of the film also come with “exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus content.” The exact prices for “Haunted Mansion” on these digital platforms are not listed.

The D23 presentation also mentioned that a physical release of “Haunted Mansion” will be coming later in October 2023, but the press release and social media make no reference to this. There’s no firm release date yet for this physical release.

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