We tend to see things happen in different quarters, when it comes to certain sorts of video game releases. Big blockbusters and highly anticipated titles can show up around Q3 and Q4. Winter, in general, can be a bit slower. Right now, we’re heading into the Fall 2023 season, which is a big one, and decided it’s a great time for us to all talk about our most anticipated games for the next few weeks.

I’m actually really looking forward to Fate/Samurai Remnant.. It’s been a while since I was super into Fate but the new designs are slick, the story set up sounds good and I’m already knee deep in theories as to the identities of the other servants. Then there’s the whittling minigame. Whittling! — Elliot

Assassin’s Creed Mirage! I’ve been hoping for a return-to-form Assassin’s Creed game for years now. — Caleb

It’s a packed year but I know in my heart I’m most excited for Alan Wake 2. I discussed this a little back at Summer Game Fest, but since Control I have been trapped in the Remedy-verse as much as Alan’s stuck in that damn lake/ocean. The gamescom 2023 trailer only heightened my excitement, as it’s clear how much of an influence Control has had on Alan’s side of the story, at least visually. Plus the prominence of Alex “I’m not Max Payne, I swear” Casey already has me prepping the pin board and red string in anticipation for how much there will be to unpack there. — Leigh

I know many people are thinking about the big releases this fall (and don’t get me wrong, Spider-Man 2 is right there!), but the one game I’ve been eagerly waiting for has been World of Horror. Back in 2020, I watched one of my friends play this game when it was in Early Access and it’s lived rent free in my head since then. The Junji Ito-inspired story mixed with the retro visual design captivated me. Now that it is releasing on consoles, I’m ready to turn the lights off, curl up in my bed with my Nintendo Switch, and try to survive the horrors brought on by the Old Gods. — Arielle

FASHION DREAMER! I know this is not a Style Saavy Switch game, but Syn Sophia is involved and that is good enough for me. It’s definitely my most anticipated one out of all the Fall 2023 games, even though I do also want to play Mineko’s Night Market, Fate/Samurai Remnant, Moonstone Island, and Star Ocean: The Second Story R. But despite all those other games probably being great, I want to play dress up. I want to be fashionable. It also comes out right in time for my birthday, so it is proof it is made for me. — Jenni

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