Ad Infinitum is an upcoming horror game where you play as a German soldier, haunted by the horrors of war and of something more. You are trapped between visions of the trenches and of your family home as you fight to distinguish what is reality.

Now the big question is the exact time it releases, and when is the release date? Use our Ad Infinitum countdown to find out everything you need to know about launch details and more!

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A screenshot of Ad Infinitum showing the room is on fire but in the middle there is a horrible monster looking at you
Image: Hekate

Ad Infinitum Release Time Countdown and Date

Ad Infinitum PC Release Time Countdown

Are you ready to face your fears and battle with your demons when Ad Infinitum releases on September 14th, 2023, at 8 AM UTC? When the countdown below reaches zero, you’ll be able to experience the terror of Ad Infinitum, no matter where you live in the world!

1 Days 17 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

Ad Infinitum Exact Console Release Times for Each Region

According to the PlayStation Store Ad Infinitum page, Ad Infinitum releases on September 14th, 2023, at 8 AM UTC. Below are Ad Infinitum countdown timers for when the game launches in your region:

Time Zone Countdown
United States of America

1 Days 21 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (BRT)

1 Days 20 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

United Kingdom, London (BST)

1 Days 16 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

Germany, Berlin (CEST)

1 Days 15 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

South Africa, Cape Town (SAST)

1 Days 15 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

UAE, Dubai (GST)

1 Days 13 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

India, New Delhi (IST)

1 Days 12 Hours 24 Min 49 Sec

China, Beijing (CST)

1 Days 9 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

Japan, Tokyo (JST)

1 Days 8 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

Australia, Sydney (AEDT)

1 Days 7 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

New Zealand, Auckland (NZDT)

1 Days 5 Hours 54 Min 49 Sec

What is Ad Infinitum?

Trapped within the confines of your family residence and the grim World War I trenches, you endeavor to reconstruct your past and seize control of your destiny.

Will the war’s unending nightmare ever cease? Can you one day attain inner tranquility? In Ad Infinitum, you assume the role of a German soldier haunted by the terrors of the Great War. As your thoughts oscillate between memories of your family homestead and the brutal front lines, your objective is to rupture the ceaseless cycle of suffering.

You awaken within your childhood bedroom, frozen in time within a deteriorated and abandoned manor. Abruptly and enigmatically, you find yourself transported to the trenches, where the horrors of war are compounded by grotesque and even more dreadful entities. Struggling to differentiate between reality and the nightmarish, you must wage a battle to regain command of your life’s narrative.

A screenshot of Ad Infinitum showing grotesque claws grabbing onto a person sitting in a chair
Image: Hekate

Unspeakable nightmares materialize within the recesses of your consciousness. In order to escape deathtraps and confront terrifying beings, you must fathom the origins and motivations of each monstrosity while unraveling the puzzles that obstruct your path. From sound-sensitive, sightless demons lurking in the shadows to grotesque, disjointed puppets that move in darkness, horrors lurk around every corner.

The war’s aftermath reverberates far beyond the battlefield. Peel away the veil concealing your family’s fractured history, torn apart by the Great War, and strive to recollect your own past. Through exploration and the resolution of enigmas and challenges amid the walls of your homestead and the razor wire of No Man’s Land, you ultimately unveil a chapter in the tale of a German family sundered by the ravages of war.

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