A League Of Legends player repurposed a Nintendo Wiimote to play the game as the champion Yasuo, a swordsman that wields a steel blade and the wind as his abilities.

Via Dexerto, Reddit user usr-Machintosh-HD posted a clip of themselves playing in a match in the online game with the Wiimote as their only controller. Pressing on the different directions on the D-pad triggered the champion’s attacks and the sensor inside the controller worked perfectly to move the cursor across the screen. Check it out below.

Wiimote on LoL
byu/usr-Machintosh-HD inleagueoflegends

Summoner Spells were bound to the + and – buttons on the sides of the Wiimote and pressing the home button would channel recall.

The community was simultaneously shocked and entertained by the player’s setup thanks to Yasuo’s lack of popularity in League Of Legends. “This is a whole level of masochism,” joked one.

Yasuo’s Wind Wall is often a thorn in the enemy’s side as it blocks all projectiles for four seconds, ensuring that ranged players lose the advantage if they aren’t counting the cooldown. He also has a lot of dashes in his kit, like Steel Tempest, Sweeping Blade and Last Breath.

Lastly, his passive shield that builds while the player is mobile only shatters when hit, and a talented player can generate that shield almost continuously. Yasuo mains still feel they’ve drawn the short straw, in spite of numerous changes to the character, as he’s both hard to master and disliked by teammates.

‘Project L’ CREDIT: Riot Games

Yasuo is confirmed to be playable in Project L, the upcoming two-versus-two team based fighting game from Riot Games. He arrives alongside Ahri, Darius, Katarina, Jinx, Ekko and Illaoi.

In other gaming news, Ubisoft’s newest shooter XDefiant has been delayed as a result of console certification issues, and the executive producer has shared two potential launch windows.

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