Before jumping to conclusions and thinking your favorite way to anonymously browse the internet is gone forever, it’s best to do a quick assessment. There are two parts to this: testing your device and your general internet connection.

First, if you’re browsing Reddit from your mobile phone, try alternating between different browsers and the official app. If you find the issue exists only when you’re using the app, you may need to update it or clear the cache to get it back in working condition. If you’re still unable to access Reddit across channels, you can try using different devices in your home, like your computer or tablet.

Next, determine if Reddit is the only platform you’re having difficulty accessing or if you also cannot visit other websites or social media platforms. Should you have trouble opening up other channels like Instagram or Twitter/X, it’s likely a you problem. 

When doing an initial assessment, you can attempt to refresh the page, restart your device, or clear your cache. In addition, you can ask someone near you to check Reddit and other platforms as well, just to confirm your suspicions. If several other platforms are also down, it could be a connectivity issue, and you may want to check if there’s anything wrong with your internet connection. After all, it’s possible to be connected to Wi-Fi but have issues with accessing the internet.

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