• Stede and Blackbeard’s broken relationship will be a central focus in Our Flag Means Death season 2 as Stede tries to repair the damage he caused.
  • The upcoming season will explore the characters’ states of mind and their personal growth as they navigate their troubled romance.
  • The story will delve into whether Stede and Ed can find a more mature form of love and mend their fractured bond, raising anticipation for season 2.

Our Flag Means Death creator David Jenkins teases the story details for season 2, revealing whether Stede (Rhys Darby) and Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) can repair their broken relationship. The Max show followed Stede Bonnet leaving everything behind to engage in a life of piracy that he dreams of with the crew of the Revenge. Praised for its surprising story tackling LGBTQ+ themes and romances, the acclaimed show will return in October 2023, following Our Flag Means Death season 1’s heartbreaking finale.

With Our Flag Means Death season 2 premiering on October 6, Jenkins teased how it will grapple with Stede and Ed’s states of mind following their tragic relationship breakdown to Entertainment Weekly. Teasing that Stede will be the one to reach out to Ed after breaking his heart by abandoning him on a pier, the showrunner hinted that it would take both the Gentleman Pirate and Blackbeard doing some self-reflection and personal growth to mend things with the primary focus on whether they can come together once more. Check out Jenkins’ full explanation below:

“It’s interesting to see Stede have to figure out how to reapproach this guy that he really hurt. That’s everybody who’s ever been in a relationship where they had to repair it and apologize to their partner and try to figure out a way forward. And then [we’ll] see what happened to Blackbeard in the wake of his heartbreak. They’re both pretty immature in their own way. The course of this season is: Can they find their way to maybe a more mature form of love?”

How Can Stede and Ed Grow In Our Flag Means Death Season 2?

Our Flag Means Death featuring Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet and Taika Waititi as Blackbeard

In Our Flag Means Death season 1, Stede’s mission to achieve his romanticized view of piracy accidentally brought him into contact with the legendary pirate Blackbeard, who developed a fascination with Stede due to his somewhat accidental victories. When the pair did meet during a rescue attempt, the pair had a clear interest in how the other lived, which soon developed into a friendship and then a romance. However, their days of piracy together were cut short by a shocking betrayal, and only a vow to serve in the English Navy rescued them from execution.

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While Ed was content to live on and even escape across the ocean with his love, Stede’s doubts about himself surfaced and became overwhelming, with another accidental death leading him to flee and return home. While Stede would realize his true feelings and leave behind his privileged lifestyle again, he’d already left Ed alone and feeling abandoned, causing him to embrace his darker side once more and become Blackbeard. As such, Our Flag Means Death season 2’s arcs could see Stede attempt to make up for his mistake, while Ed questions whether he still desires to be Blackbeard after seeing a new way forward with Stede.

Our Flag Means Death‘s surprising romance secured a strong audience, eagerly awaiting how the two captains will grapple with their fractured bond since its finale aired. As such, viewers will be pleased to hear that whether the relationship can be mended will be a driving force for Stede and Ed in season 2. Furthermore, with a potential Our Flag Means Death season 3 set to bring the show to a close, it raises the question of what state Stede and Ed’s relationship could be in going into their final chapter.

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