As with any car cleaning or maintenance job, you’re going to need a few simple materials in order to perform a toothpaste scratch removal. The obvious one is toothpaste, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, you’re going to want a couple of soft microfiber or terry cloths for applying your cleaning substances, as well as for drying everything off after the fact. Additionally, you’ll need a small bowl of clean water. You don’t need a lot, just enough to soak your cloths.

Now, for the all-important toothpaste. There’s an important element you need to consider here: the toothpaste’s Relative Dentin Abrasion, or RDA. That’s a metric of how abrasive a toothpaste’s particular makeup is. If you use a toothpaste with too high of an RDA, you could risk damaging your car’s paint job further. Make sure to use a toothpaste with a medium-level RDA, somewhere in the range of 80. Sensodyne is one of the best toothpaste brands for this purpose, as most of its products are in that range.

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