With the Beauty and the Beast realm unlocked, it’s time to meet the main Disney characters inhabiting it: Belle and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The castle’s decoration is charming, with candles, roses, and shimmering flying books. Still, Belle’s requests in Into the West Wing aren’t the easiest to achieve. She’ll have us looking for secret passages, speaking with an angry Beast, and magically acquiring painting skills out of the blue. This guide covers completing Into the West Wing to unlock Belle and Beast in the Valley.

How to Explore the Beauty and the Beast Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The first objective in this quest is to explore the realm, which is a bit vague. To progress the quest forward, interact with the golden flying book to the main hall’s right. Following this flying book through the enchanted castle’s hallways, you’ll soon run into Belle in the Library.

How to Find the Secret Passageway in the Library

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As it turns out, Belle got in a bit of a fight with the Beast because she wandered Into the West Wing. To find the secret passageway in Into the West Wing and uncover the Beast’s location, follow these steps:

Appearance Secret Passage Item Secret Passage Item Location
Find 4 Broken Ladder Steps in the Library room. There are two Broken Ladder Steps the tea table, one on the bigger wooden table in front of it and one final one near the Library’s huge window.
Find 2 Ladder’s Missing Wheel in the Library room. There’s one behind the green sofa in front of Belle and a second one next to the tea table.
Interact with the moving stairs near the bookshelves. Transfer the 4 Broken Ladder Steps and 2 Ladder Missing Wheels to uncover the secret passage Into the West Wing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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This will reveal the secret room, where you’ll find nothing but a secret note. To progress with the quest, speak with Belle once more.

How to Find the Castle Candle, Castle Candle Holder, and then the Golden Curtain in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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4x Castle Candle 1x On a barrel inside the Secret passage
1x On a table in the Library
1x Near the tool bench in the backyard’s Maze
1x Sitting on a bench behind the Main Hall’s piano
1x Castle Candle Holder Sitting on a chair in front of a lion statue in the hallway
1x Golden Curtain On a table inside the Library

With all these items ready, speak with Belle again to get the Candlestick Outfit and Candle Hat. Put it on to engage in a little Lumiere cosplay. It’s finally time to speak with the Beast himself in Into the West Wing.

How to Craft an Enchanted Canvas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After speaking with Merlin, it’s time to get an Enchanted Canvas to capture the Beast in all his Beauty. Here’s the Enchanted Canvas recipe in DDV:

  • Softwood x12
  • Dreamshard x4
  • Garnet x2
  • Fiber x8
  • White Daisy x3

Once the Enchanted Canvas is crafted, head back to Belle to finish DDV’s Into the West Wing quest.

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