The ugly situation surrounding the recent conviction of That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson seemingly keeps on getting uglier as more celebrities continue to address the situation. After officially being found guilty of two counts of forcible rape, it’s now become public knowledge that the 47-year-old actor could potentially face up to 30 years in prison before being possibly considered for parole. In the aftermath of the decision, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — who served as Masterson’s That ‘70s Show co-stars — have faced severe backlash after it was revealed that the duo wrote letters of support to Masterson.

On that same note, Kutcher has received another helping of scrutiny from Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning, who unloaded on Kutcher for a particular moment on a Punk’d episode which seemingly left a bad taste in her mouth. Punk’d, of course, was a popular reality television series back in the early 2000s that relied on a hidden-camera approach to prank celebrities — with Kutcher serving as both a producer on the show and as the host.

What did Manning say about Kutcher?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in That '70s Show
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In a series of social media ramblings chock-full of frustration and devastation, and as reported by the AV Club, Manning specifically turned her attention towards Kutcher, explaining a prank pulled on her during an episode of Punk’d that she appeared on. In the aforementioned episode, the Punk’d team were conducting a fake red carpet interview — which isn’t exactly a far-fetched idea seeing as celebrities often grace the red carpet during numerous award ceremonies throughout the year. However, Manning certainly didn’t take a liking to this particular prank orchestrated by Kutcher.

During the “red carpet” appearance, Manning was asked if she was sexually attracted to women. As per her tell-all with Newsweek, Manning explained that she replied with “no,” although the entire situation left her feeling “traumatized” and feeling like it was “not a joke” to put somebody in that sort of scenario. Basically, Manning insisted Kutcher outed her in front of tons of viewers watching the prank on television at home.

Alongside her obvious frustration with the prank, Manning scrutinized both Kutcher and Kunis for “backpedaling” on their joint support of Masterson, which frustrated Manning specifically due to her considering Masteron a friend who she “really loved and cared for” and who simply “made a mistake.” Manning went on to make more comments on Masterson’s behavior and certain comments aimed at the OITNB team, but the clear target was Kutcher. As it stands, Manning obviously felt disheartened and frustrated at not only Kutcher for recently backtracking on the letters of support, but for outing her sexual orientation to the public before she was necessarily ready — even if it all was for the sake of a joke.

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