15 years of waiting to see the live-action Anakin-Ahsoka team-up finally ended in the last few moments of Ahsoka episode 4. Dave Filoni clearly had something spectacular up his sleeve to propel the story forward, and he didn’t disappoint. We got a surprise theatrical premiere of “The Shadow Warrior” a.k.a. Ahsoka Episode 5, marking the return of Star Wars to the big screen after 4 years. But there’s a bigger return we need to talk about; Anakin Skywalker.

There was A LOT to unpack in the 50-minute episode. Maybe Dave Filoni dropped a Lord of the Rings reference to move forward with the story? That’s a mystery we’ve already unwrapped here. The headline-stealer for today, of course, is none other than Hayden Christensen‘s astonishing return as Anakin Skywalker. But, this resurrection might not be as real as you think, just like the confusing World Between Worlds.

Before you scratch your heads creating theories, the lengthy flashback/dream sequences with Anakin were real, and Ahsoka indeed squared off with her former master. But Dave Filoni might have pulled a Harrison Ford trick to bring back Anakin from the Clone Wars era, all young and dashing!

Is Anakin CGI in Ahsoka?

In short, yes. Hayden Christensen, who originally portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy and Obi-Wan Kenobi, was officially announced to be reprising his role in the Ahsoka series in Oct. 2021. The only persisting question was, how?

Dave Filoni made it simple by thrusting Ahsoka into the World Between Worlds and conjuring up her memories of the Clone Wars. Filoni’s vision of Ahsoka’s memories painted a portrait of profound turmoil, both elegant and haunting. Amidst this, the resurrection of Anakin served a dual purpose: a crucial plot development and a heartfelt homage to the legions of Darth Vader fans who yearned for this moment. And it was all made possible with CGI.

But don’t get it too twisted, Hayden Christensen indeed reprised his role as Anakin, but with a twist of technological wizardry to transform him into the Anakin we remember from the days before his descent into the dark side. Despite being 42 years old when filming, Christensen was seamlessly made to appear as if he were in his early 20s, perfectly matching his appearance from the unforgettable Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

However, it’s crucial to note that CGI was predominantly used for practical effects and cosmetics to navigate age-related changes. Beyond that, Christensen preserved the essence of the beloved character we know and love, being as genuine as he had ever been in any Star Wars movie or series. And now, Ahsoka is free of her survivor’s guilt and ready to be the true mentor to Sabine.

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