Apple Staff Asked To Stay Silent On iPhone 12 Radiation Issue: Report

The iPhone 12 model debuted in 2020 and is currently in the process of being phased out (File)

Apple Inc has asked its tech-support staff not to give out any information regarding the controversy over iPhone 12’s radiation levels in France, reported Bloomberg. France has asked Apple to stop selling iPhone 12, claiming that the model emits electromagnetic radiation higher than the European Union standards. If customers query about this, the employees have been asked to say they have nothing to share, according to the report.

They must also reject any return or exchange request if bought over two weeks ago, which is the normal return policy of Apple, the report said. They must say their products undergo rigorous testing for safety if customers seek to know if their phones are safe, it added.

France’s digital minister said the radiation levels of iPhone 12 were found to be higher than the EU standard, but still significantly lower than what’s considered dangerous. He said a software update would be enough to fix the issue and expected a reply from Apple within two weeks.

Apple has countered the claims and said they would work with the French government and prove the handset is compliant.

Concern In European Union

After France, Belgium too has raised concerns over the health risks related to iPhone 12. The country’s junior digital minister said he would ask the telecoms regulator to analyse the potential threats linked to the handset.

Meanwhile, Germany’s telecoms regulator said it would examine the radiation concerns and that the French procedure serves as a guiding function for Europe as a while.

The Dutch too are looking into the French report and will ask the company for an explanation, an official said.

The iPhone 12 model debuted in 2020 and is currently in the process of being phased out with the introduction of iPhone 15 this week.

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