Now, before you get concerned that we’ll have to deal with an influx of teenagers being summoned by spirits, it should be noted that this isn’t exactly like the hand that appears in “Talk to Me.” First of all, it’s not a real embalmed hand, because that would be weird, and potentially illegal. Secondly, we know exactly where this hand came from: the design and manufacturing brand Craighill, which sells a variety of home goods, desk tools, and even puzzles. But this is by far the strangest thing they’ve ever crafted.

Finally, there are two key modifications to this hand. You’ll notice in the photos above that there are two holes in the hand, one in the index finger, and one right around where your thumb muscles would be. That’s because this “Talk to Me” party hand replica has been created as a smoking device. If that might make it hard to receive it as a gift, you can simply tell them it’s an incense burner, and it wouldn’t be a lie. 

This is a slip cast ceramic arm with embedded steel counterweight and black microsuede cover. It’s housed safely in this stylish box featuring the names of the many who have let spirits in. Are any of them still alive? We’d like to say that we hope so, but we also want to see a lot more stories involving this hand. Thankfully, there’s already a “Talk to Me” sequel in development, and we’ll be using this hand to pass the time until it arrives. 

If you want to get your hands on the “Talk to Me” party hand, it’s available to order at the A24 shop online for $110 right now.

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