Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Traversal Costumes

Image via Insomniac Games and Sony

During the September 2023 State of Play presentation, Sony showed off new gameplay and costumes for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as well as an expanded look at Marvel’s version of New York. The game has doubled the size of its map of New York, allowing players to traverse between Queens and Brooklyn. Players will be able to visit iconic real-world landmarks in these boroughs as well as fictional landmarks like Visions Academy in Brooklyn and Midtown High in Queens.

The game features new traversal methods including gliding with the new Web Wings, updated web slinging mechanics, and an improved fast travel function. The game is also filled with new story missions, side quests, and activities to complete within New York. Players can swap between Miles or Peter instantly through the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app in-game and tackle any of these special activities by using their unique skill-sets. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is also full of iconic Spider-Man villains including Raven the Hunter, Venom, and others which Insomniac Games has not yet revealed.

The game will feature 65 suits for players to choose from based on original designs for the game and familiar suits from the films and comics. Insomniac Games is introducing a new feature called “Suit Styles” which allows players to unlock alternate color shaders for some suits, giving them over 200 ways to customize Miles and Peter.

The gameplay trailer can be viewed below:

Sony also released a trailer for the Digital Deluxe edition which will contain 10 exclusive suits: Apunkalyptic Suit, Stone Monkey Suit, Tactical Suit, Aurantia Suit, 25th Century Suit, EnC0ded Suit, Biomechanical Suit, Red Spectre Suit, Tokusatsu Suit, and Agimat Suit. The trailer also features a special collaboration with musicians EARTHGANG and Genji to create a brand new song called “Swing” which players will hear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Also, the soundtrack scored by John Paesano will be available to stream on October 20, 2023.

The Digital Deluxe trailer can be viewed below:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release exclusively on PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023.

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