Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is expected to be one of Nintendo’s biggest Switch games of 2023, and we’re putting together a post to keep track of all pre-order details including bonus information. If retailers are planning any offers, we should be hearing about that closer to the official release later in the year.

If we’re strictly talking about the brand new side-scrolling games, the Super Mario Bros. series has been missing since New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U – unless you count the Luigi U DLC or Switch port. It’s been described as an “evolution.” The hook this time around are Wonder Flowers, which mix things up by changing certain things like having pipes come alive. Also new is the Elephant Mario power-up and the inclusion of Daisy as a playable character.


You can pre-order Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Amazon here.

Best Buy

Best Buy has opened pre-orders for the Switch game here.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus GameStop

GameStop has revealed a Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus, which is the sticker set pictured above. You can reserve the game here.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus Walmart

Walmart is taking pre-orders for Super Mario Bros. Wonder here, and as a bonus, you’ll get the trading card set pictured above.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder bonus Target

Target is doing on of its usual promotions where it’s doing a purchase bonus, and in-stores only. When you pick up the game at launch, you can get a shadowbox collectible. 

Amazon Canada

Our friends in Canada can pre-order Super Mario Bros. Wonder here.

Amazon UK

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is up to reserve from Amazon UK here.

My Nintendo Store UK

The My Nintendo UK store is accepting reservations here. For this one in particular, it’s very likely we’ll be hearing about a bonus – stay tuned.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder release date

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be available only for Switch on October 20, 2023.

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