Sea of Star’s combat is all about using the right moves for the right situation, and sometimes that calls for combo moves. These powerful abilities can deal a lot of damage or offer support for your party, and players will need to find these combo moves during their playthrough, with some being a bit tricky to find than others.

To help you get these powerful moves, we’ve put together this guide with details on where to find all the combo moves in Sea of Stars, as well as details on what they do.

***This guide contains major spoilers for Sea of Stars***

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What are Combo Moves in Sea of Stars?

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Combo moves are special attacks and abilities players can use during combat and can deal big damage or provide support for your party.

To use them, you need to build up Combo Points, which is done while engaging in combat, landing timed blocks and attacks, and using Live Mana. Players can only have three Combo Points at a time, and they do not carry across to other fights, so it is worth using them if and when you have them.

In order to learn new combo moves, you’ll need to solve puzzles, meet new party members, and do some exploring.

All Combo Moves in Sea of Stars

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Below, we have listed all the combo moves in Sea of Stars, including their locations, how to get them, and some details on what they can do for you and your party.

Name Description Location Image
Solstice Strike A dual attack from Zale and Valere that deals damage and restores 3MP. Unlocked during the introduction in Zenith Academy. Sea_of_Stars_Solstice_Strike_Location
Mending Light A dual move by Zale and Valere. Heals all party members, with a timed heal increasing the effectiveness. Found in the Forgotten Cavern Dungeon.

Solve the climbing puzzle and unlock the keyhole door.

Bash Drop A dual attack from Valere and Garl, with Garl launching Valere into the air, bashing down on a single enemy for moderate Blunt damage. Found behind the save point and campfire in Coral Cascade. Requires you to beat some enemies and solve the light puzzle to open the way. Sea_of_Stars_Bash_Drop_Location
Solar Rain A dual move by Zale and Garl, with Zale launching a fireball into Garl’s shield, exploding and homing in on enemies, dealing Solar damage. Found in the Moorlands.

Solve the Eclipse puzzle that involves lighting up three symbols in quick succession.

X-Strike A Dual attack with Zale and Senai. Involves Senai using their portal to allow Zale to dash and slash all enemies for Sword, Venom, and Solar damage. Found in the Haunted Manor Dungeon on Wraith Island.

Solve the puzzle in the Library involving the Knight and King Statues.

Soonrang A Dual move by Zale and Valere, fires a projectile of both Solar and Lunar damage that can be bounced to different enemies. Found in the Evermist Solstice Shrine. Sea_of_Stars_Soonrang_Location
Moon Shiv Dual move by Valere and Senai, high damage on a single enemy. Deals Sword, Venom, and Lunar damage. Found in the Scared Grove when using the light puzzle to create a platform to advance. Raise the platform in the top right to climb up and find the move. Sea_of_Stars_Moon_Shiv_Location
Item Roulette Dual move with Garl and Senai. Senai creates a portal with multiple special items spinning like a roulette wheel, and Garl can pick to stop the roulette. Offers various effects depending on the item landed on. Found in Glacial Peak, in the ice block on the left side of the ice block sliding puzzle area, just before the DJ easter egg fight. Requires the Solstice Amulet. Sea_of_Stars_Item_Roulette_Combo_Location
Arcane Moons Dual move with Valere and Resh’an. Resh’an throws his vial weapons into the air, with Valere using Moonrangs to grab them and blast the area with Arcane and Lunar damage. Found in Autumn Falls. Solve the eclipse puzzle found near the beginning of the area to unlock the move. Sea_of_Stars_Arcane_Moon_Location
Venom Bomb Dual move with Garl and Resh’an, with Garl throwing his pressure cooker filled with venom supplied by Resh’an, dealing Venom and Blunt damage. Found in Songshroom Marsh, in a small cave after crossing a wood beam just after meeting Yomara. Sea_of_Stars_Venom_Bomb_Location
Conflagrate Dual move with Zale and Resh’an, which sees the two conjure a fiery pillar to do multiple hits on Solar and Arcane damage to enemies. Found in Air Elemental Skyland, in a small cave just to the right of the triangle slab pillar. Sea_of_Stars_Conflagrate
Arcane Barrage Dual move with Senai and Resh’an, where Senai will kick multiple of Resh’an’s vials into an enemy, with each one delaying a move by one turn. Given to the player during Senai and Resh’an’s part of the “Swansong of the Warrior Cook” quest. Sea_of_Stars_Arcane_Barrage
Arcane Sun, Moonrock,
Elbow Loop,
Bottle Punch
Dual moves with B’st for every party member which are all unlocked at once and all are single target attacks.

With Zale – Solar and Arcane, can be timed to deal bonus AOE damage.

With Valere – Blunt, Arcane, and Lunar damage.

With Senai – Blunt, Venom, and Arcane damage.

With Resh’an – Blunt and Venom Damage

Given to the player when B’st joins your party after defeating Meduso. Sea_of_Stars_B'st_Joining

What Are Ultimate Moves in Sea of Stars?

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Ultimate Moves are special attacks that deal a massive amount of damage to every enemy on the screen and can be used when players have filled the Ultimate Move meter. This is signified by the rainbow border around the Combo Point icon in the bottom left of the screen during combat and is filled as you perform Combo Moves and Skills. Like Combo Points, this does not carry over from battle to battle.

There are five Ultimate Moves in total and they are listed below.

Name Description Unlock Condition
Solen’s Light: Salvation Zale files into the air and launches a giant fireball into enemies, dealing Solar damage. Unlocked after Garl’s funeral.
Luana’s Might: Retribution Valere files up and meditate for a moment, before dropping moon beams down and diving into the enemy and dealing Lunar damage. Unlocked after Garl’s funeral.
Vespertine Cannons Senai dons their pirate disguise and calls their pirate crew to do a little spin and launches the Vespertine cannons, dealing Sword and Blunt damage. Unlocked after founding Mirth and boarding the Vespertine.
The Great Eagle Resh’an transforms into the Great Eagle and bombs the area with flasks, dealing Venom damage, delaying all enemy moves by 3, and healing the party to full health. Available when you acquire this character after clearing the Antsudlo dungeon.
Altered B’st B’st turns into a droplet and falls from a pink tree, splashing down and turning into a pool of pink and then attacking as a crocodile, dealing Available when you acquire this character after defeating Meduso.

Every character has one Ultimate Move, and unlike some Combo Moves, these are given to the player at set points during the game’s story, so you do not need to do anything to unlock them other than play the game.

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