Warning! Contains Spoilers for Batman and Robin #1!

There have been multiple Robins at Batman’s side over the years, with the role serving as a proving ground for future DC heroes. The current Robin, Damian Wayne, still has a long way to go before coming into his own, as DC sends the character on his biggest mission yet: attending high school.

Batman and Robin #1 – by Joshua Williamson, Simone Di Meo, and Steve Wands – find Damian as the only remaining member of the Bat-Family at Bruce’s side, as the Caped Crusader and his closest allies have been divided by the Gotham War.

Batman and Robin Cover, dawn of DC

The issue features Damian moving in with Bruce, and subsequently, receiving the critical mission of going to high school from his father.

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Damian Wayne Has Never Faced a Challenge Like High School Before

Damian Wayne Is Going to High School

As the Gotham War grows from tension to open conflict, Bruce Wayne has been left without his usual supporting cast, his Extended Bat-Family. The only person Batman is currently interacting with is his son, Damian Wayne, who has decided to move in with Bruce in his Gotham Brownstone home. It’s here where Batman gives Damian his most important mission yet: going to High School. While this may not seem important for a boy who’s literally fought gods, and saved the world, it’s actually a huge step in Damian’s development. Going to High School demonstrates that without a doubt, Damian is finally growing up.

Damian Has Battled Gods, He’s Died And Been Resurrected, But High School Is Different

Damian Is Not Overly Excited About School

Damian Wayne was introduced into the main continuity comics almost twenty years ago, way back in Batman #655 by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, and Dave Stewart. When Damian Wayne was first introduced, he was ten years old. He was also a bit out of his mind, and a borderline villain. Damian was introduced as the inversion of the typical Batman and Robin dynamic. While Robin usually exists to pull Batman out of darkness, this was changed with Damian. Damian was a Robin who started in darkness, and it was through Batman that he managed to find the light and become a hero. Eventually, Damian became perhaps the best Robins yet.

Despite Damian having all of this character growth, his age progression has been arrested for most of his history. Only in the past few years was Damian stated to be thirteen years old, with his age increasing more steadily with time. With Bruce finally pushing Damian to join High School, it’s fair to assume that Damian is around fifteen, sixteen-years-old now, which is a significant milestone. Most Robins have their own hero identity around eighteen years of age, so if DC manages to continue letting Damian grow up, in another year or so, readers might know Damian Wayne by a name other than Robin.

The events that happen to people as children are usually what helps define them as adults. Damian Wayne has been a child for a lot longer than most, and he has experienced unbelievable things. He grew up in an assassin cult, he has been to outer space, and has even come back from the dead. All of these things can shape a person into who they are, and thanks to DC finally letting Damian grow older, in a few more years, readers might get to see a version of Damian Wayne that’s much closer to his father, as opposed to just being his father Batman’s latest Robin forever.

Batman and Robin #1 is on sale now from DC Comics!

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