The key distinction of a laptop, of course, is that it boasts a rechargeable battery. This means that it can be used away from the power supply for a limited time, the portability and versatility that ardent laptop users adore. However, if your area is in the grip of a protracted storm, you will inevitably need to connect your device to the mains sooner or later. Sooner is the more likely of the two, as well: if a full charge tends to last about 6 to 8 hours (considerably less with intensive use, such as when gaming), those warning pop-ups can start appearing rather sooner than you might like. It even happens to the laptops with the most impressive battery life.

When they do, then, is it safe to connect your laptop to the mains? Generally speaking, perhaps not.

Trey Eiland of 5Q Partners explained the dangers, Reader’s Digest reports. As Eiland bluntly put it, “that laptop is going to get fried” if a strike happens to hit your home while the device is plugged in. As with so many other dangerous weather extremes, however, there are ways to protect your property and yourself from these effects.

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