The Monday Wordle is here for players to solve and this one might be trouble for some. Here are the daily hints, and full answer, to today’s Wordle.

The newest Wordle word is ready and available to be solved and this Monday morning word shouldn’t cause too much trouble for most fans of the game. There is always a chance that one of the daily words could make you lose your long-standing win streak, but with these hints, you’ll be scoring another win in no time.

The game of Wordle has been around for over 2 years now, and although you don’t see it as much on social media there are still plenty of players around the world who enjoy this simple, yet elegant, word-guessing game. There have been many copycats, rip-offs, and even an official physical board game version of this much-loved daily puzzle. The Wordle train doesn’t have any sign of slowing down and it’s nice to know that no matter how hectic a day may be, you can always take a pause and solve the daily word.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (September 18th #821)

September 14th's Wordle hints with Rayon fabric in the background

For those who just need a little help with today’s Wordle answer, we’ve provided a few hints before spoiling the actual word.

Hint 1

There are no repeating letters.

Hint 2

The answer is used as an adjective.

Hint 3

The vowel is in the 3rd position.

Hint 4

To be open, honest, and direct.

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 18th #821)

September 14th Wordle answer with Rayon fabrics in the background

The September 18th Wordle answer is FRANK.

For our starting Wordle word we used IRATE which provided a good footing to get started on with two correctly placed letters. Moving forward we tried to work around the ‘RA’ and used BRAVO as our second guess. This didn’t provide any new correct letters but did narrow down some of the leftover vowels from our first attempt.

Our third attempt was PRAWN which gave us an incorrectly placed ‘N’ and pushed us closer to the finish line on today’s answer. The fourth guess was CRANK which locked in the ‘N’ and the final letter of the puzzle. This was a quick and easy jump to a Wordle win-in-five with the correct answer FRANK.

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    Wordle is a web-based word-guessing game developed by Josh Wardle that took the world by storm in 2021. Players are given a five-letter word to guess and have six attempts to get the word correct. When they get a letter correct, it will mark itself as green if it’s in the correct position and yellow if it is the correct letter in the wrong position. A yellow letter also means that letter could appear more than once. Wordle was purchased by The New York Times Company in 2022 and added to their website and app, keeping the core game free to play as promised – with additional words and other bonuses available through subscription, and is available via browser, iOS, and Android.

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