The Real Housewives franchise highlights the lives of the often rich and locally (and sometimes nationally) recognized and “famous,” and puts their highs and lows on display for audiences worldwide to see. One series focuses on the lives of housewives in California, and the Real Housewives of Orange County have some of the most rife drama out of any series in the realm.

Names like Kimberly Bryant, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Jen Armstrong, and Gina Kirschenheiter are some of the big names attached to the series, and Kirschenheiter has experienced many ups and downs, both during her tenure on the series, and in her life beforehand. One set of circumstances was especially daunting for her loved ones, friends, and Kirschenheiter herself, and it happened because of a personal choice she made.

Kirschenheiter isn’t the only Real Housewife to have made such a decision; she’s in the spotlight now because another member of the television franchise was recently arrested for the same terrible choice. So, what is the story regarding Kirschenheiter’s DUI? As usual, we’ve got you covered.

Did Gina Kirschenheiter get a DUI?

Kirschenheiter was arrested for a DUI in Feb. of 2019 and was offered a plea deal for the charges; on July 9 of the same year, she pled guilty and was sentenced to probation for three years, 20 hours of community service, a $140 fine, and ordered to take part in an alcohol offender program. She also lost her license for a year.

She opened up about the event during an episode of RHOC in August of the same year, where Kirschenheiter told the other women of the RHOC that the night was one of those situations where you’re not really aware of how many times your cup had been filled:

“I was drinking wine throughout the night. It’s this kind of thing where you have this little cup, and someone will come over and pour a little more in.”

Kirschenheiter said she was drinking and shopping for leggings when she realized she was ready to go home, but getting in the vehicle that day was an awful decision. She had an emotional conversation with her father about the experience, and also opened up to the ladies in the series.

What else did Kirschenheiter say about her DUI?

Kirschenheiter got behind the wheel after having wine at a ladies’ event in February of 2019, and with a passenger in the vehicle having an open container and the breathalizer not accurately presenting a number, she was arrested.

As People reports, in an episode of RHOC back in August of 2019, Kirschenheiter spoke openly about her arrest for suspicion of driving while under the influence:

“I’m so bummed that I made such a stupid friggin’ decision to get in the damn car and drive that night. I wanted to go home. I got in the car, I should never have driven. … It’s my worst defining moment ever.”

Kirschenheiter also spoke about what it was like to be behind bars, and the experience is something that sent shock waves through her body:

“It’s so scary. The cells, they’re clear walls. And the first thing that I [saw] when I walk in [was] this man with his hands cupped behind his back, smashing his face against the glass. Over and over and over again. I [didn’t] know if I was going to be in a cell with other crazy men like that. You just don’t know!”

Things have seemingly been on the up and up for Kirschenheiter since she made the awful decision to get behind the wheel after drinking, and it seems that she’s learned from the terrible choice she made.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration shares the following statistic that’s quite terrible but eye-opening and important to pay attention to:

“About 37 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 39 minutes.”

Heartbreakingly, these statistics won’t change until people stop getting behind the wheel after drinking. With everything from cabs to driving services like Uber available with a few taps of your fingers, there are no reasons to make the decision to get behind the wheel while impaired.

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