There are many reasons we love superheroes, from those now-classic Star Wars heroes wielding light sabers to James Bond on a top-secret mission to the modern-day superheroes of comic-b00k glory. They fight on the side of good over evil. We watch them live out our fantasies by overcoming obstacles and using their legendary powers to fight wrong-doing, save lives, and take a stand against wickedness. And let’s not forget — they are also attractive, exciting, and in fantastic physical shape. That’s why the biggest blockbuster films and latest hit series of our times come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By collecting the best Marvel Funko Pop sets, we can bring some of that Marvel magic home.

It’s true that these versions of our favorite heroes have big heads — like, literally large heads, not just big egos — but that makes more of them to love. Marvel Funko Pops are stylized figures with large bobbleheads that add motion and movement. They faithfully represent our favorite Marvel superheroes in the exquisite detail that makes each one a work of art —with vinyl bobbleheads as an unlikely sculpting medium. From the creases in a pair of miniature pants to the ponytail flying out behind a hero in action, a big part of the fun of seeing each new collectible Funko Pop piece is examining it to find all of the little personalized details that capture the unique spirit of the superhero. This is especially fun with exclusive or timed sets such as the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Funko Pop set, which sees each of the series’ main characters, minus Gamora, decked out in Christmas gear, which is in tune with the purpose of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

The best Marvel Funko Pop sets are the perfect way to begin a Pop collection or to add key pieces to a collection that’s already in the works. They’re also a good way for Marvel fans to capture some of the Marvel superhero magic and bring it home. If you’re looking for some new Pops to put front and center in your Marvel collection, this list is the place to begin! You will find no better Marvel Funko Pop!’s available than those suggested here

For fans of the Avengers Mech Strike, the Avengers’ transformation into monsters with new dark superpowers to defeat powerful supervillains put a monstrous new twist on our favorite Marvel heroes. That’s why one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets today is the one that delivers all 5 monster hunters in one bundle set. Why seek each figure individually or pay for multiple shipments when you can buy a bundle set deal?

The Funko Pop! Marvel Monster Hunters set includes Venom, Green Goblin, Loki, Thanos, and Doctor Doom, all in their original windowed boxes. Each vinyl Pop is a full-sized Funko Pop between 4 and 5 inches tall with the traditional Marvel Pop collectible bobblehead and the exquisite detail fans expect from all things Funko.

Venom comes with all four clawed arms massive eyes and teeth and his signature long tongue. Green Goblin holds his pumpkin bombs and stands on the Goblin Glider. Doctor Doom wears a billowing green cape and hood. Burly Thanos has glowing green eyes, sharp teeth, and clenched fists. Terrifying Loki has curved horns and insect-like wings and pincers.

All stylized Marvel Pops have bobbleheads and a sturdy build to stand upright in any display. This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add to an established collection or to kick off a new collection. They also make a great gift for any Marvel fan or collector.

Key Features

  • Set of 5 Marvel Funko Pops with Monster Hunters, Loki, Venom, Dr. Doom, Thanos, and Green Goblin
  • All five Pops come in their own original boxes
  • Bobblehead design

  • Full-sized Pops are 4 to over 5 inches tall with solid build and bobbleheads
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Love the four claws and extra long tongue on Venom!

  • Price is about the same as buying them individually

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Funko Pop! Marvel Monster Hunters Set of 5

For fans of the Marvel Disney+ miniseries, WandaVision, and the movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add to a collection or to get a new collection off to a good start, is Funko Pop! Marvel: Wandavision- Billy and Tommy. This set of two Pops includes both Maximoff twins — naturally sold as a set since that’s how twins always arrive!

Billy and his twin brother, Tommy, were magically created by Wanda Maximoff after an accelerated pregnancy. As the twin children of the Scarlet Witch, raised by Wanda Maximoff and Vision, superpowers are in the boys’ blood with exciting futures ahead.

This pair of Marvel pops have the Marvel traditional bobbleheads and come in a windowed display box. Each Pop has all of the intricate details we love and expect from Funko Pop. These Halloween Pops feature Billy and Tommy in their Halloween costumes, which in a special nod to comic fans incorporate elements from the comics. Billy wears his cape and headband and has power emanating from one hand while the other hand holds a trick-or-treat pumpkin. Tommy has on his quicksilver shirt and holds his own pumpkin bucket and a red water balloon. Both boys have detailed tennis shoes and Tommy is in mid-step, depicting the Halloween scene from the series.

This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets for any Pop collector or Marvel fan, with two detailed Pops to boost any collection. It also comes in a window display box and includes a Pop protector.

Key Features

  • Pair of Funko Pops featuring Wandavision twins, Billy and Tommy Maximoff
  • Halloween Marvel 2021 Limited edition Pops-2-pack plus protector
  • Billy and Tommy trick-or-treaters with Halloween pumpkins

  • Love their Halloween outfits which as also their comic book outfits
  • Billy is using his power from his right hand and Tommy holds a water balloon
  • Tommy is in midstep and wears his quick silver shirt

  • Tommy is in mid-step and it makes the Pop fall over easily

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Funko Pop! Marvel: Wandavision Halloween Billy and Tommy

For fans of the popular Hawkeye Marvel Comic Universe series on Disney+, one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add to a Hawkeye series collection, Marvel collection, or any Pop collection is Marvel Hawkeye Kate Bishop with Lucky the Pizza dog. More than just a single Pop, this Funko Pop comes with an extra Pop — or at least half a pop, with little Lucky the Pizza dog at Kate’s side.

This set comes in a detailed collector’s box with a window display that — oddly, according to some fans — shows little Lucky front and center with Kate partially hidden behind the cardboard.

The Kate Bishop Funko Pop has gorgeously detailed hair with side ringlets and a swept-back ponytail with the sculpted look of flowing motion we love in the best Funko Pops. She wears her multi-shade purple top with an archery arm guard, leather pants, and high boots. And, of course, she’s carrying her bow and has her quiver slung over her shoulder. Fans will love this stylized, bobble-headed version of their favorite archer.

Kate’s sidekick, Lucky the Pizza dog is adorable, with a detailed collar, tiny paws, shaded snout, and his signature single eye. While not a bobblehead, he’s a great addition to the Kate Bishop Pop and takes it from a single Pop to a set, the perfect addition to any collection and a must-have for Marvel fans.

Key Features

  • Marvel Hawkeye series bobblehead Pop Kate Bishop with bow and quiver
  • Includes Lucky the Pizza dog
  • From the Hawkeye Disney+ series with Kate Bishop in her archery outfit
  • Comes in a window display box showing both Kate and Lucky

  • Includes stand
  • Highly detailed outfit with multi-shades of purple top, bow, and quiver
  • Great hair sculpting with ringlets and movement
  • Detailed face and collar for one-eyed Lucky

  • We wish Lucky also had the signature Marvel bobblehead despite his small size
  • Lucky is more visible through the display box window than Kate

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Funko Pop! Marvel Hawkeye Kate Bishop with Lucky the Pizza Dog

For fans of Avengers: Infinity War, one of the best Marvel Funko Pop Sets is the Pop Marvel: Marvel Classic 4-Pack. Not only does it offer 4 fan-favorite characters from the film called “ground-breaking” and “the best film in the entire franchise,” by critics for its mix of humor and action-packed adventure, but it also offers the fun of four bobbleheads in the Marvel Pop tradition.

This Marvel set includes Iron Man (who enjoyed a cameo in the film), Captain America, Thanos, and Avenger-fan-favorite character, Groot, complete with a tiny gun. All in the 3.5-inch size with large, movable bobbleheads. Each character wears their traditional clothing from the series, all faithfully reproduced and stylized by the artists at Funko Pop! Each detailed vinyl figure makes the perfect addition to any Funko Pop! Collection, Marvel action figure collection, or a toy set for children over 3 years old who love Marvel Avengers. It’s a great gift for any Avengers fan.

The set comes in a windowed collector’s box so buyers can keep the set intact in the box as a collector’s item to increase in value and still proudly display the fun Funko Pop! collection. Or you can choose to open the box and add all four favorite Marvel heroes to your Marvel display.

This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets for fans of all the Avengers heroes, with adorably detailed faces with the iconic Funko Pop large eyes on fun, oversized bobbleheads.

Key Features

  • Marvel Classic Comics 4-pack of bobblehead figures
  • Avengers: Infinity War pack with Iron Man, Captain America, Thanos, and Groot
  • Includes window-box display packaging for collectors
  • Includes Groot with gun

  • Fun for child’s play since it includes both heroes and villians
  • Adorably detailed
  • Fun bobblehead Pops

  • Groot figure tips over easily

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Pop Marvel: Marvel Classic 4PK

Superhero lovers, movie fans, and comic book collectors love Marvel and one of the best Marvel Funko Pop Sets to add to any collection is Pop! Blacklight: Marvel 4-Pack. Whether as a gift for a Marvel fan in your life or as an addition to your own Pop! collection, this set adds four detailed Marvel Pops to your display, with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange — all in neon colors that emit a gorgeously ghostly glow in black lighting.

Like most Marvel and Star Wars Funko Pop! collectibles, each black-light reactive Pop in the Marvel collection features a bobblehead, so collectors and kids alike can enjoy the fun, of the large bobbing heads on all of their Marvel favorites. Each Pop wears adorable, stylized interpretations of the hero’s traditional garb including Thor’s winged helmet and hammer, Doctor Strange’s high collar, gray-streaked temples, and flowing cloak, and the recognizable superhero clothing and headgear of Ironman and Captain America. The colorful Pops are eye-catching collectibles fo any display even in the daylight, but become stunning in black lighting.

This set is also one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets for kids who love Marvel movies and comics — as long as adults don’t mind parting with them long enough to risk letting young children play with the fun bobbleheads on what could be a collectible sure to escalate in value.

Pop Blacklight: Marvel 4-Pack comes in a window box so collectors can enjoy displaying them without opening the box if they prefer to keep the set in mint conditions. While we’d love it even more if the colors on the box were more black-light-responsive, it’s still a nice box for display and an excellent addition to any collection.

Key Features

  • Funko Pop! Blacklight Marvel 4-pack with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange
  • Standard Pop! size 3.75-in figures
  • Urban stylized figures with neon glow in black lighting
  • Includes 4 Marvel favorites in a collector’s windowed box

  • Great neon colors
  • Comes in a window box for collectors
  • Bobblehead designs
  • Perfect addition to black light Pop! collections or hero collections

  • Box isn’t very black-light reactive
  • Captain America doesn’t have his shield which would have been a nice addition

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Pop! Blacklight: Marvel 4 Pack

One of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets also comes with a strategy game that puts YOU right in the Avengers action. The Funkoverse: Marvel 100 4-Pack includes 4 exclusive 3-inch Funko Pops. They are some of the most popular Marvel favorites: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Black Widow, all with the intricate details you know and love from Funko Pop vinyl figurines.

The 4 fun Funko Pops in this set are not only exclusive Funkoverse collectibles, but they’re also game pieces for an exciting strategy game. This set comes with a gameboard with two playable maps and additional game pieces, including dice and gems. Just as in the Marvel Universe, each character piece comes with its own unique abilities like Captain America’s shield throw and the repulser blast that gives Iron Man his battle advantage. The game accommodates 2 to 4 players of ages 10 and up.

Each Marvel Funko Pop figure comes on its own mini base to work as game pieces as players explore Shuri’s Wakanda Lab and the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. Plus, two new game modes expand the set with Scrimmage mode and Siege Mode. You can also play FunkoVerse Marvel as a stand-alone game or connect with other Funkoverse game sets like the Nightmare Before Christmas or Harry Potter games. Or choose to add available expansion packs to enhance the gameplay.

This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to come with a fun game that’s perfect for your next family game night.

Key Features

  • Marvel Infinity War game of strategy with 4-piece pack of 3-inch Marvel Funko Pops
  • With 4 Funko Pop Avengers figures, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Black Panther
  • Play the game with Mavel super-abilities
  • 2-4 players battle in a board game showdown with Funko Pop Marvel Figures as game pieces

  • Includes four mini Mavel Pops
  • Game expansion packs available sold separately
  • With new game modes including Scrimmage and Siege
  • Other Funkoverse game sets available including DC-Batman set, Juassic park, and Harry Potter

  • Captain America’s shield is too small to be proportional
  • Directions need improvement, but YouTube videos help

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Funkoverse: Marvel 100, 4-Pack with Strategy Game

For Marvel fans, there is no better representation of heroship than Captain America. That’s why one of the best Marvel Funko Pop Sets is the one celebrating Captain America through the decades. The Pop Funko Marvel: Year of the Shield is a 5-pack of bobblehead figures with an included display base. The five bobbleheads show the evolution of the shield-carrying comic book hero Captain America through the ages.

Each Captain America bobblehead is 4-inches tall and with detailed stylized designs and painted outfits to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Marvel’s legendary Captain America, a patriotic Avenger hero. The milestone anniversary inspired Marvel to declare 2021 the “Year of the Shield.” This collection showcases five of Captain America’s uniforms through the 80 years of Marvel comic book history. First is Captain Marvel’s original look with a more traditional shield shape from 1941, followed by the “silver age” in 1964 with the new round shield. Next is the “Exoskeleton” of 1995, followed by the helmetless stealth costumed “Super Soldier” of 2010. Finally, there’s the “Steve Rogers” in 2016. For Captain America fans, Marvel fans, and Funko Pop fans, this celebration of the shield throughout the decades is one of the best Marvel Funko Pops Sets to add to a collection or to get a new collection off to a great start with one buy.

This set comes with its own display stand with pegs to secure each Pop into place so it can take pride of place in your collection.

Key Features

  • Pop Funko Marvel’s Year of the Shield Captain America through the years
  • 5 Captain America bobblehead figures and a display base
  • Celebrates one of our favorite Marvel heroes with shields
  • Includes a windowed display box for collectors

  • Each Pop is a completely unique Captain America, not just the same figure with different clothes
  • Perfect tribute gift for Captain America fans
  • Great addition to any Marvel collection or Funko Pop collection

  • Pops fall over easily when not on the stand

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Pop Funko Marvel: Year of the Shield, Captain America Collection

For fans of the Marvel-verse Hawkeye comic series and the fan-favorite Disney+ network’s Hawkeye series, one of the absolute best Marvel Funko Pop sets is the one that delivers all four fabulous Funko Pops in one buy, each in their own individual windowed display box.

The Funko Pop Marvel Hawkeye Series Set of 4 includes all your favorites from the line, with Hawkeye, Yelena, Maya Lopez, and Kate Bishop along with adorable, one-eyed Lucky the Pizza Dog, all with the intricately added details that collectors expect from Funko Pops. This collection is perfect for displaying front and center for any Pop collector or Marvel comic fan. All figures (except Lucky the Pizza Dog) have bobbleheads with exceptional details in the hairstyles of each vinyl figure, as well as in their costumes and weapons.

Hawkeye comes complete with a visible hearing aid, plus his bow and quiver full of arrows. Yelena comes with a detailed french-braided hairstyle and all of her riot gear, including batons in both hands. Maya has a flying ponytail and wears her signature jacket with striped sleeves. She has a clenched fist and holds a gun. Finally, the set includes Kate Bishop in her purple jacket with a bow and quiver — complete with one-eyed Lucky the Pizza Dog. Each Pop is full of fabulous details from Yelena’s bandaged leg to Maya’s ponytail and arched eyebrows.

This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets for the incredible details we know and love from our preferred Pops and fan-favorite characters.

Key Features

  • Marvel Hawkeye set of 4 characters from the Marvel-Verse comic and Disney+ series
  • Includes 5 bobblehead characters, Hawkeye, Yelena, Maya Lopez, Kate, and Lucky the pizza dog
  • Includes Hawkeye with bow, Maya with gun and flying ponytail and bandaged leg, Kate with bow and dog, and Yelena with riot gear and batons
  • Special package deal showcasing all 4 Hawkeye series Pops in one buy

  • Highly detailed Hawkeye comes with bow, quiver, and hearing aid
  • Love Maya’s flying pony-tail and Yelena’s french braided hair!
  • All are bobbleheads

  • Lucky the pizza dog isn’t a bobblehead

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Funko Pop! Marvel Hawkeye, Yelena, Maya, and Kate with Lucky

Fan-Favorite Avenger Thor is back in Avengers 4: Love and Thunder with Thor on a journey to find his own inner peace while also stopping Gorr, the God Butcher, from massacring all of the Mighty Gods. Now, fans can bring home their own thunder with one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add to any collection. Not only does the set include the full-sized Thor vinyl Funko Pop figure showing a stylized Thor in all his blazing glory, but also some exciting additions that are sure to become the showpiece of your collection.

This Marvel Funko Pop set includes Thor’s Goat Boat complete with his two mystical goats, Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher who tow the Viking ship through the skies, never fleeing from battle. Both goats have twisting horns and one goat’s pink tongue lolls from its mouth, showing tiny teeth. Thor’s hammer rests at his side and his long hair and red cape billow in the wind. All pieces come with the tiny, intricate details and colorful, stylized designs Funk Pop collectors have come to expect.

This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add to any Marvel collection or to put in pride of place at the center of any collection of Pops. It comes with a beautiful display platform with a mystical, iridescent glow. You’ll love the adorable details like the harnesses and ropes hitching the goats to the Viking ship and the stylized writing on the side of Thor’s boat reading, “Asgard Tours.”

Key Features

  • Super deluxe Funko Pop Thor bobblehead figure with boat and goats
  • Two goats, Toothgnasher and pop, pull the Viking ship
  • Heavy-duty vinyl figures and boat
  • Includes beautiful iridescent stand

  • Includes full-sized Thor bobblehead figure
  • With removable Toothgnasher, and Toothgrinder
  • Packaged for collectors in window display box

  • Bobbling goat heads would have been a nice addition

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Funko Pop! Ride Super Deluxe Marvel’s Thor Love and Thunder Goat Boat Set

For fans of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets is the one that delivers 4 movie character Pops in one — well, pop. Funko Pop Heroes Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Collector’s Set comes with four Pops, all in the Marvel Funko Pop bobblehead tradition with the incredible detail that makes Funko fans so devoted to collecting the beloved vinyl figures.

This set includes not one, but two Funko Pop figures of the movie’s hero, Shang-Chi. One Pop shows him standing with his bow staff in one hand and his other hand clenched into a fist. The second Shang-Chi Pop is in the middle of a jump kick. The set also comes with Shang-Chi’s faithful friend (or more?) Katy. Katy wears her red robes, carries a crossbow, and has a beautifully detailed hairstyle. Finally, the set includes Ying-Li — first publicized with the character name Jiang-Li, and then changed. Ying-Li is Shang-Chi’s mother and one-time guardian of Tal Lo. She’s also a powerful warrior. The Pop shows Ying-Li in her green robes with an intricately detailed mask and hat. She’s caught in mid-leap in a martial arts pose with her hair flying below the hat. This Pop also comes with a stand, since both feet are flying.

All four Funko Pops come in their original window display boxes for collectors. This is one of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets to add four great Pops to any display or collector’s inventory.

Key Features

  • Set of 4 Funko Pops with characters from the 2021 Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • Each figure comes individually packed in its original window display box
  • Two styles of Shang-Chi bobblehead Pops, Jiang Li (Ying Li) and Katy
  • Shang-Chi with bow staff and Shang-Chi in Jump-kick pose

  • Includes two Shang-Chi Pops in two poses
  • All come in their original boxes with window display
  • Very detailed Pops from the tread on Shang-Chi’s shoes to Ying-Li’s mask and hat

  • Set could include Xialing or Wenwu instead of two Shang-Chi Pops

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Funko Pop! Heroes Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Collector’s Set

Not one to miss out on a single iteration of a Marvel franchise, Funko has jumped on the opportunity to establish a Marvel Funko set based on The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. An exclusive on Amazon, this set doesn’t come particularly cheap, but it is well worth the price of admission.

Coming with five Pops, including Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Mantis, the set is fairly inclusive of the main group of heroes now in the Guardians of the Galaxy, following Thor’s departure. Specifically, the Pops are based on the aforementioned holiday special, meaning that each of the figurines has a clear and distinctive Christmas or holiday theme. For instance, the Groot figurine can be seen wearing reindeer antlers while the Mantis figurine is draped in a wreath. And not only that but each of the figurines are holding some kind of present or gift, with the exception of Rocket, who is merely carrying ornaments in this set.

Although this Funko set expertly cashes in on the holiday theme with each of the figurines involved, it is a bit pricey, which we surmise has something to do with the set’s exclusivity on Amazon. However, as the set is fairly inclusive of the main Guardians of the Galaxy cast, minus series regular Gamora (who has since taken a leave of absence for reasons that have folded out in the MCU films), it is a set well worth having, especially given its niche themes.

Key Features

  • Includes Peter Quill, Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Mantis
  • Based on 2022’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  • Christmas-themed
  • Does not include Gamora

  • Pops are very charming, as always
  • Holiday themes are nice
  • Exclusivity justifies the price of admission
  • Cute

  • Additional Pops would have been nice

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Funko Pop! Marvel Holiday: Guardians of The Galaxy 5 Pack

While the majority of Spider-Man’s MCU suits have been pretty great, there’s one that stands well above the rest in terms of MCU-ness: the Iron Spider. Developed with Tony Stark’s nanotech, it’s a hyper-futurized version of the Spidey suit we’ve all come to know and love, and it’s even better in a Funko Pop! Format.

The Iron Spider Funko Pop!, as implied, features the Iron Spider, complete with his retractable spider legs. This iteration also features the Nano Gauntlet, which is the very device that ends up saving the Avengers and the universe from certain doom. It’s a great callback to one of the best segments from Avengers: Endgame, which essentially involves a game of Hot Potato, where multiple Marvel characters toss the Nano Gauntlet around in order to avoid having it get into the hands of Thanos, who has the illest of intentions.

Compared to the more traditional Spidey suit counterparts, the Iron Spider suit has a very refined, state-of-the-art look. Complete with gold markings similar to the golden elements of Iron Man’s suit, the Iron Spider suit truly conjures images of Stark tech and is an instant identifier as such. In Funko Pop! form, it works out perfectly, as even as a tiny figure, it maintains a sleek look and polish.

If you’re accruing a massive Funko Pop! collection, you can’t go wrong with the Iron Spider suit.

Key Features

  • Features Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame
  • Includes spider legs in Iron Spider outfit
  • Spider-Man caries Nano Gauntlet
  • Multicolor

  • Sleek design
  • Nano Gauntlet looks cool
  • Great value
  • Accurate

  • One among many Spider-Man Funko Pop!’s

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Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet

Not only are Funko Pops fun to collect and display, but when they’re the best Marvel Funko Pop sets, we appreciate them twice as much. Plus, they eventually become some of the most prized and valuable collectibles. While all Funko Pops are adorable, detailed, and addictively fun to seek, sell, buy, and trade, the ones representing stylized versions of our favorite movie and comic book heroes have the addition of Marvel magic to make them even more compelling to collect.

So before you begin a collection, buy a Marvel Funko Pop set as a gift, or add some to your existing inventory of popular Pops, it helps to know exactly what collectors look for when choosing the best Pops of the picks.

Distinctive Details

Unlike ordinary action figures, Funko Pops come with very detailed parts, pieces, and painting with additions that are emblematic of the hero the Pop portrays. Collectors love to look for the small details that show that the creative artists at Funko really know the characters their Pops represent. Intricate details in the costumes they wear, the weapons they carry, and even their hairstyles are what make the best Marvel Funko Pop sets, and Funko Pops in general something to … well, “marvel” over. When a Pop has sculpted vinyl hair flying out in the right direction while the character is captured in mid-kick, you know that time and effort went into creating something that’s more than a bobblehead but more like a Pop-style portrait. It’s those details that make collectors sit up and take notice.

Special Editions, Limited Editions, and Exclusives

Part of the fun of collecting Funko Pops is looking for special features that will eventually boost the Pop’s value. When Funko Pop! produces a limited number of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets and Pops from their other fun Funko lines, it’s almost certain to become a valuable collector’s item once they’ve stopped production. That’s why adding special editions, limited editions, and Pops that have exclusive availability can be more than just a fun addition to a collection or display; they are also potential investments. Take The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 5-pack, for example. Each of the figurines in this set is uniquely holiday-themed, with each of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters adorned in holiday outfits and holding holiday goodies like gifts and ornaments.

Funko Pop fans also love the Pops that come packed with extra-exciting features like glow-in-the-dark parts or colors designed to have a neon glow when lit with black lights. There are also some collectible Pops sold as game pieces along with Marvel strategy games, making them extra fun.

Some other exciting extras include sets that include sidekicks like Thor’s goats, as seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, or Kate Bishop’s one-eyed dog.

For example, even the Iron Spider Funko Pop has some neat details. Namely, in addition to the Stark tech aesthetic, the Iron Spider FUnko Pop can be seen holding the Nano Gauntlet—the device used to reverse the effects of Thanos’ brutal final act in Avengers: Infinity War. Sure, it’s a small detail in nature, however, it is much appreciated for collectors’ purposes and the purposes of being a fan.

Marvel Pops Don’t Just Have Big Heads, They Have Bobbleheads!

Finally, while we all love the large, stylized heads of Funko Pops, only Pops from two lines have bobbleheads — heads placed on springs so they move, wobble, and bob. Only Marvel and Star Wars Funko Pops have bobbleheads, making them extra-special for Funko fans.

The best Marvel Funko Pop sets offer the best of what we love about all things Funko. Between the incredible detail on the figurines to some of the peripheral objects that accompany the Funko sets, the Marvel Funko Pop sets are some of the most exemplary around.


Q: Which Marvel Funko Pops are rare?

Marvel Funko Pop sets are one thing, but what about Marvel Funko Pops? Sometimes, these things can be a bit harder to track down by nature, seeing as they are individually packaged, meaning there are some rarities out there. This would include one of the rarest Funko Pops, which would be the Platinum Metallic Stan Lee Funko Pop.

Q: How many Marvel Funkos exist?

As the Funko library grows ceaselessly, it is worth asking how many Funkos there are in total. The answer? There are currently over 1,200 types of Marvel Funkos in existence.

Q: Should I keep the Funkos in their box?

The short answer is “yes.” As Funko boxes are nearly as iconic as the actual figurines, you may as well keep the box around, especially seeing as misplacing it or throwing it away can depreciate the value of the figurine altogether over time.

Q: Can Funkos get wet?

With the exception of Funko bobbleheads and flocked figurines, Funkos can be submerged in water and experience little to no damage. It’s not encouraged that you put them in water, but you need not worry if you drop any given Funko into water.

Q: Do Funkos fade over time?

Funko Pops will only fade over time due to, as with most things, exposure to UV rays. Even exposure to artificial light can cause some bleaching effect, so to properly care for your Funkos, be sure to shield them from light at every given opportunity.

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